[[Withdrawn] Bonniebon-Fury Warrior-Aply-Raider

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[[Withdrawn] Bonniebon-Fury Warrior-Aply-Raider

Postby Bonniebon » 22 Dec 2016, 19:40

About You



Country & Region: Turkey-Izmir


Your Character

Character Name, including any details of name, race and server changes:

Level: 110



Current ilvl:861

Is this your main character? Yes

Alts Please list ALL alts, regardless of level, including name, realm, faction, class, level and guild:
Aevesa 66lvl Resto Druid
Larealle 87lvl Holy Priest

Would you be happy moving all your alts into the guild (excluding alts that are in a private guild to keep Guild bank access)?



Primary 1: Mining 785
Primary 2: Engineering 795


Raiding Experience
[i]Please list your progression and experience of the following raid instances, and indicate if your experience is LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic experience & progression, ie 5/12:

Emerald Nightmare: Normal 7/7
Tri al of Valor: LFR 3/3

Do you have any aspirations to become a Raid Leader? And if so, why?

Play Style

What sort play are you looking for? (Delete as appropriate)

Core Raider: I can commit to every raid each week

Which of the following days each week are you available? Please see the top post for details of our current raid days.

Monday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Tuesday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Wednesday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Thursday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Friday 21:00 CET until 00:00
Saturday 20:30 CET until 00:00
Sunday 20:30 CET until 23.30

Almost everyday,i have nothing to do these days :P

Tell us more about why you chose your current spec. (You may wish to tell us a little about your spell/shot/melee rotation & general play style in a raid/dungeon/group situation or link stats websites such as WoL in support of your application)
like to wield two big weapons, big as my size and decapitate things with them :P Well honestly i dont like arms and didnt want to play prot since my sister-in-law is prot paladin. Fury is very funny to play tho. Chargeeeeee!! -Execute if procced- Rampage to get Enrage or have alot rage to spent. When enraged using bloodthist obiviously, and since i have legendary with free execute equip execute whenever it procs. My crit rating slows me down sometimes so to get crit using some furious slash > bloodthirst > rampage and since and repeat. Filling in with raging blow/ww depends on situtation.

Choose all of the following which best describes what you enjoy, delete those which do NOT apply

- Raiding
- Mythic Runs
- World Quests/Rep Grind
- PvP
- Achievements

What, in WoW terms, are you the most proud of? *This does not have to be a recognised Blizzard achievement*

I'm new to wow, that moment is yet to come but i'd like to piss of my brother with my 2 legendaries got in the same week while he just get one yesterday :P

Other Stuff

Do you know an existing member of the Highland Warriors? If so, who: for how long, and how do you know them?

Why do you want to join the Highland Warriors?
To be honest, my brother said that he would find guild for us, thats why im here. I trust my brother and i want to be part of this guild.

Anything extra you would like to tell us about yourself?

I'm 19 years old and just finished highschool. Preparing for university exams and playing wow most of the time instead. :P

Finally, as you should always end on a laugh, tell us your best joke...
One day a monkey goes to shop and asks for a banana milk. But the seller says none left, i can give you strawberry milk if you want.
Monkey says; Nevermind i came here with a bicycle

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/w ... bon/simple
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Re: Bonniebon-Fury Warrior-Aply-Raider

Postby Elysah » 22 Dec 2016, 21:14

Hello there, Bonniebon :)

Thanks very much for your application :)

I understand that you spoke to our illustrious GM prior to making the application... We ARE a raiding guild by nature, and have been since Vanilla, but after losing some of our core raiding team, we won't be getting starting again until the new year. I won't lie to you, the three of you would prove an excellent boost to the team as a core raider and will get us underway significantly faster, but I cannot guarantee that this will be immediately. We also try to field at least one mythic group most nights to keep us on our toes :)

How does that fit with what you're after?

Also, nice joke.. I think?! ;)
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