Competition Info & Rules - READ ME!

Competition Info & Rules - READ ME!

Postby Florentia » 15 Mar 2013, 16:38

The Petacular Transmogrification Competition - hosted by the Highland Warriors
(Thunderhorn (EU) - Alliance)


Greetings, fellow Thunderhorner! Welcome to our server-wide, Alliance-only (sorry Hordies, but there is a war on now afterall!) Transmogrification competition! If you're a delightful Draenei, a hunky Human, a wonderful Worgen or well, anything but a ghastly Gnome (mwhahaha just kidding - we welcome gnomes!) and you'd like to win up to 10,000g just for showing us how fabulous you are, then read on!

Myself and Bluejangles, the Ken & Barbie of the Highland Warriors (and Azerorth!) would like to expand on the guild's own successful Transmog competitions, and invite all of our fellow Alliance to take part in the fun :) We are excited to be your judges!

The Theme
Every Transmog competition needs a theme - for this one, it is The Petacular Transmogrification Competition - to design a set to match/compliment your favourite pet! So for example, do you take your little Mulgore Hatchling everywhere with you? Do you love his glorious pinkness (you are clearly a Paladin, btw)? Then why not design a pink transmog set to match your favourite little guy! Go out into the world, farm your armor pieces and proudly display it for all to see!


To enter, you will need to sign up to this forum and follow the rules and guidlelines listed below.


  • 1st Place: 10,000g
  • 2nd Place: 4,000g
  • 3rd Place: 1,000g

Competition Closing date - 30th April 2013
You will need to submit your entry between now and 30th April 2013. We hope this will be enough time for everyone to gather everything they need, but due to the wonderful world of drop rates (we have been slaves to this ourselves and know it can be frustrating), we suggest you don't delay if you wish to enter! Gather some friends and run through old raids, farm mobs, gather quest rewards, AH camp and above all, have fun!

Competition Rules
1. You must use items specific to your class i.e. Hunters in Mail, Warriors in Plate, etc. A mixture of armor types in one Transmog will disqualify your entry.

2. You must enter on a Level 90 character only. This is to ensure that everyone has access to the same choice of items, to keep things as fair as possible. However, you may enter on your main or an alt - the choice is yours.

3. You may choose not to include item slots that can be hidden, so helms and cloaks. This is entirely your choice and it will not impact upon our judgement of your overall Transmog, as it is all about what looks best together.

4. You must post a screenshot of your character in-game, in your Transmog alongside your chosen pet. Please make sure that your Transmog can be seen fully, from head to toe and front and back - you are allowed to post up to 3 screenshots to allow for this. Guidelines on how to take a good screenshot and how to include them in your post are detailed further down.

5. You must list each item you have used in your Transmog, preferably using the Wowhead links we have on this site so that we can easily look them up and ensure that each item is Transmoggable and of an armor type appropriate to your class. To do this, simply choose the "item" button above the box where you compose your post, look up your item on Wowhead and enter either the exact name or the item ID in between the "item" tags. For example:

Code: Select all

Gives us: 18713

6. If you win, your set must be available to wear so the judges can inspect you and make sure that all items really are Transmogged - this is to ensure that no one is sneaky and tries to use greys, whites or anything else that cannot be Transmogged.


Posting Guidelines

To submit your entry, you will need to sign up to this forum here (it would be helpful if your forum username were the same as your character name), and create a new post in this section. Please title your post using the following format: Character Name, Class, comp entry, i.e. mine would be Florentia, Hunter, comp entry. The inclusion of your class is really just for future reference, should anyone wish to browse sets for their own class. If you would like to make a post expressing your interest and intention to enter, please feel free by replying to this post (please do not create a new post to do this).

You may post up to 3 screenshots of your set - maximum image size 800x800 pixels. You can use any image editing software to crop or resize your images - even Paint does the job :nice:

There are two ways to get your screenshots into your post. The first way is to simply upload them to the forum by attaching it to your post (you will be able to see the option to attach a file underneath the box where you compose your post) and you then place the images anywhere you like within the body of your post. However, to help lessen the strain on the server we would much appreciate it if you uploaded your image to an external, free image hosting site (Photobucket, for example) and then insert them into the body of your post using the "img" tags (you can insert these easily by selecting the option above your "compose post" box). So for exmaple:

Code: Select all

When taking screenshots, we recommend you remove your UI by pressing "Ctrl + Z" in-game, unless you intend to crop out your UI of course. This is simply because we will need to see your set clearly in order to fairly judge it, and so we don't want it to be obscured by any parts of your UI. We also recommend turning your graphics settings to as high as your system allows, if only just for the screenshot, in order to capture the full detail of your armor (you will be surprised how much detail can get removed/pixelated when you are playing on the lowest settings!).

Together with your screenshot(s), you must post a list of the items used, as per rule no.5 above.

We would highly recommend you browse through our own previous Transmog competition entries here in the Mogger's Grotto forum section, if you need any ideas on setting out and composing your posts. It is entirely up to you should you wish to add anything further to your post besides the screenshot(s) and item list i.e. some blurb about why you have chosen your pet and armor. You will not be judged on that; we just enjoy reading these things :D

Finally, if you have any questions or wish us to clarify anything at all, feel free to ask here in response to this post, or send myself (Florentia) or Bluejangles a whisper in-game if you spot us online :)

Have fun putting your set together, and we hope to see your entries soon!
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