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[Trial Failed] Maarbane - affli lock - raider application

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2017, 14:36
by Maarbane
There is a human being behind the toons hence the more verbose nature of the application. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this wall of text.

TL:DR I think we can make sweet music together ;)

About me

Age 47
Gender male
Location Belgium, native English speaker


I run with 3 mains (kinda) was to fulfill the needs of the raid of my last guild. Ie. I raid lead, main-tanked, off-tanked, range dps’d and healed. Main in order of preference are:

Maarbane - Thunderhorn - Aff lock -i887
Furiousfire - Thunderhorn - Prot/Holy Pala i887/i883
Durien - Thunderhorn - Disc/Holy priest i880/i878

I have 46 other toons (I like leveling!) on TH/Wildhammer my 24 toons are all in my private guild, “Loafer” rather apt description. Though I spend the vast majority of my time on the above three.


EN - HC clear

ToV - didn’t like the place so didn’t do it - joking aside was away from game and was back for NH

NH cleared nm on Fury and Maar and 3/10 HC on Maarbane

Play style

Over the years I have lead a number of raids, so that is an itch that has been scratched, if needed I would step up, but MUCH prefer to slack at the back.

Life commitments place me somewhere between core and flexible. I much prefer to turn up for practice nights on new bosses, nothing quite beats the first down of a new boss after all. But also understand that the gearing process is part and parcel of progression.

I could make Weds and 1 of 2 at w/e, though that would require negotiation with “‘er indoors”, two young children whilst keeping me young also need a lot of herding.

Main 1 - Maar - Affliction lock, I like the mobility that it affords, currently have aspects of rotation in lazymode ie macro’d corruption or seed on packs, agony, siphon life, and up to 3*UA, drain life,reap is macro’d into agony, and I general macro item usage CD’s into my drain life.

Main 2 - Fury - Prot/Holy, prot as per usual is situational and keeping a “rotation” leads to a rigidity of thought. Holy - again I like mobility so I have a tendency to rotate through Martyr/shock/dawn, and will only switch to flash when popping CD’s looking at HPala wep traits it would seem that there is a move toward this playstyle. I still have a lot of work to do on this but can burst up to about 650k hps though that is so mana inefficient as to be worthless. So generally quite a bit lower, how much ofc depends on so many factors as to make hps quotes invalid, but generally I hover around the 300-400k hps again that isn’t just a reflection of my personal ability.

Main 3 - Duri - Priest, this one is very much my LFR loller, though can be useful as a tank heal - disc or raidwide Holy. the least often used, I miss my bubbles on disc and I miss my spirit on Holy.

I can be fairly vocal, have a warped brain and a potty mouth, so I generally mute myself during raids where I can, after all, who wants to hear “feel my affliction up your @rse, Gul’dan”.


I enjoy raiding, particularly killing fresh bosses, in new and interesting ways - red hot poker anyone?

I haven’t had the chance to form a solid M+ team, was forever filling in to help out others, though suspect I will thoroughly enjoy it once I can get that stability. Though have completed m+12.

Have completed 1500+ WQs in legion which included a 3 month hiatus, don’t enjoy but understand they are necessary.

Leveling alts ? 49 toons, I rest my case

PvP - give me back AV without reinforcements pls.

Achievements - meh

Money - I have enough to keep me comfortable.

Other miscellany

Hekate may remember Furiousfire from years back.

I am proud of the friends I have made, people spend a lot of time with each other in game raiding/dungeoneering/arsing about so damn good idea to enjoy their company.

I don’t like pugging.

I do like cheese ;)

Why HW ?

Herein lies the rub. I am looking for a home where I know that:

1. It won’t get bulldozed a week down the line
2.1Where there is recognition that generally people want a toon that represents them. This normally, is Furiousfire, but I am so enjoying mucking about with my Affliction lock that Fury has been supplanted in my affections by Maarbane.
3.HW have existed for 12 years, just about as long as I have been on TH. I understand that the character of a guild is reflected in its membership, but, the nature of the leadership has enabled HW to still be here when many “over-achieving” guilds have long since passed.

I was in “Champions of WoW” for many many years and have a deep and abiding affection for the guild, but I felt it was time for a change. I want to feel settled, I want to know that if I sign up to raid on my lock I won’t be pressured into switching.

Can I say that I like HW as a guild? I can only judge by what has been said, and what I have seen from the outside over the years. Can anyone definitively state that this would be a good fit ? No, you have to judge me on my words and actions hence trial memberships I see.

What more can I say?

I like to put my hand up when people ask for help, paying it forward is the best way to grow into a guild after all. Think I have given a fair picture of my character throughout this application. I am plain speaking and appreciate the same in return, can’t abide BS. To paraphrase dark legacy comics, “ I am Maar/Fury/Duri and I am an alliance raider!”

Finally, if you have got this far, well done! Hope it has entertained as well as informed, and once again thank for your time and consideration.


Maarbane ... ane/simple
Furiousfire ... ire/simple
Durien ... ien/simple

Maarbane - affliction lock - raider application

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2017, 09:33
by Elysah
Hello there, Maarbane, thank you for your application :)

It's a little off piste, but an enjoyable read, nonetheless :) I particularly liked your Gul'dan threats and extra brownie points for the phrase, "potty mouth" ;) I think your level of detail in your experiences and what you're looking for are very clear - I think this could be the beginning of a symbiotic relationship ;)

You talk about the fact you've generally role filled as required and so have several mains... If you join our merry band, we'd snap your hand off to play your first choice of warlock. A rare breed round these parts, not had a regular raiding lock in many a year. You'll likely get popped in the guild vault and only be allowed out on raid nights ;)

You also mention many alts (you'd get on well with another altoholic in the guild), would you be happy moving them all to us, bar your private guild GM?

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Re: Maarbane - affliction lock - raider application

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2017, 12:42
by Maarbane
Good afternoon Elysah,

Many thanks for your reply. Is “off piste” a euphemism for we think you’re as mad as a box of frogs?

When you said, “we’d snap your hand off to play your first choice of warlock”, there was a huge sigh of relief. Just that sense of finally being able to establish my identity in Legion rather than being this interloper …

“My name is Fury and I’m an altoholic, it has been 7 days since I last dinged 110”.

A little story, back in late vanilla early tbc I was asked to raid lead. At that time Furiousfire was my main, I didn’t feel capable of leading without at least having a rudimentary understanding of what each class was capable. Therefore I decided to level one of each, which was the decent into madness so to speak. I currently have approx 30*100+.

Would I be happy to bring my alts across? If the trial works for both myself and the guild then yes of course. I would keep my guild alive for banking purposes and because I love the name Loafer :)

As for mixing “Altoholics” together, might that be like mogwai and water?



Re: Maarbane - affliction lock - raider application

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2017, 16:42
by Elysah
I fear you might be right. Might be an idea not to feed either of you after midnight, too :)

Catch me in game for a further chat on where we go from here :)

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Re: [Trial] Maarbane - affliction lock - raider application

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2017, 17:50
by Elysah
Trial Offered :)