[Declined] Athenai - Mage - Social

If you would like to join our guild or just have a question about it please post here

[Declined] Athenai - Mage - Social

Postby Athenai » 14 Mar 2017, 18:10

About You

Age: 14 (Soon to be 15)

Gender: Male?

Country & Region: Uk


Your Character

Character Name, including any details of name, race and server changes: Athenai Night Elf Female. No server transfers.

Level: 110

Class: Mage

Spec: Fire

Current ilvl: 867

Please note, we are not an alt guild. Therefore, would you be happy moving all your alts into the guild (excluding alts that are in a private guild to keep Guild bank access)?
More than happy :)

Alts Please list ALL alts, regardless of level, including name, realm, faction, class, level and guild:
Ghouldan 105 Demon Hunter No guild
Laidin 92 Hunter Legion of Lost souls (Inactive)



Primary 1: Mining
Primary 2:


Dungeoneering & Raiding
[i]Tell us a little about your Mythic+ experience - what +level are you most confident with? What's your highest +level?

No mythic + experience but wanting to get into it :)

Please list your progression and experience of the following raid instances, and indicate if your experience is LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic experience & progression, ie 5/12:

Emerald Nightmare (LFR)
Trial of Valor (LFR)
Nighthold (LFR)

Do you have any aspirations to become a Raid Leader? And if so, why?

Play Style

What sort play are you looking for? (Delete as appropriate)

Social: I have no current aspirations to raid

Which of the following days each week are you available? Please see the top post for details of our current raid days.

Wednesday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Saturday 20:30 CET until 23:30
Sunday 20:30 CET until 23.30

Tell us more about why you chose your current spec. (You may wish to tell us a little about your spell/shot/melee rotation & general play style in a raid/dungeon/group situation or link stats websites such as WoL in support of your application)
I chose fire because Fnn told me it was good. I kind of just button mash tbh but working on a rotation when I play :)

Choose all of the following which best describes what you enjoy, delete those which do NOT apply

- Mythic Runs
- World Quests/Rep Grind
- Levelling alts
- PvP
- Achievements

What, in WoW terms, are you the most proud of? *This does not have to be a recognised Blizzard achievement*

Getting top dps in world boss world quests :)


Other Stuff

Do you know an existing member of the Highland Warriors? If so, who: for how long, and how do you know them?

I know Fnny unfortunately he is my brother.

Why do you want to join the Highland Warriors?

Wanting a guild to experience more of WoW :)

Anything extra you would like to tell us about yourself?

I know Im underage but thought I would give it a shot see if I could impress you. :) Hope you guys take a little scrub into consideration.

Finally, as you should always end on a laugh, tell us your best joke... ;)

Me: Hey Fnn did you hear someones been calling you an owl?
Fnn: Who?


Link to your profile on The Armoury via the wow website
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... nai/simple
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Re: Athenai - Mage - Social

Postby Windavell » 14 Mar 2017, 18:19

hi Athenai, thanks for your well written application. Its better than your brothers..
However, as you are aware we are an 18+ guild. There are no exceptions to this because, regardless of how mature you think you are, some subjects are just not suitable for minors and while you might of heard it all before we have people who arent comfortable with certain topics around under age people.
We've had this rule for over 11 years now and, sadly for you, its not about to change.

I have no doubt we'll still be here in 3 years time so if you are still interested then, by all means apply again and you'll likely be invited in :)
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