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[Trial] Faedee - BM Hunter - SOCIAL

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[Trial] Faedee - BM Hunter - SOCIAL

Postby Faedee » 24 Sep 2016, 15:07

About You

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Country & Region: Latvia, Riga


Your Character

Character Name, including any details of name, race and server changes:
- Faedee
- Night elf
- transferred from Eonar 1 year ago

Level: 110

Class: Hunter

Spec: BM

Played time ( /played in game to find this out) : 323 days, 11 hours, 23 minutes

Is this your main character? Yes

Alts Please list ALL alts, regardless of level, including name, realm, faction, class, level and guild:

- Jeenee - Wildhammer - Alliance - Mage - 101 - Demise
- Trillydan - Wildhammer - Alliance - Demon Hunter - 101 - Demise
- Algedi - Wildhammer - Alliance - Death Knight - 100 - Demise
- Theija - Wildhammer - Alliance - Priest - 100 - (none)
- Thanya - Wildhammer - Alliance - Priest - 1 - (none)

- Miiksta - Eonar - Alliance - Warlock - 90 - Demise
- Shannie - Eonar - Alliance - Priest - 90 - Demise
- Shaynite - Eonar - Alliance - Death Knight - 86 - Demise
- Shaydow - Eonar - Alliance - Rogue - 75 - Demise
- Harusame - Eonar - Alliance - Shaman - 17 - (none)
- Wuxija - Eonar - Alliance - Monk - 14 - (none)
- Lilija - Eonar - Alliance - Druid - 16 - (none)

Would you be happy moving all your alts into the guild (excluding alts that are in a private guild to keep Guild bank access)?
I'm not planning to transfer the alts from Eonar (alts that I'm not playing anyway),
but I would be happy to move the alts I have on Wildhammer



Primary 1: Leatherworking
Primary 2: Jewelcrafting

List any special or rare recipes:
I've collected quite a few but wouldn't really know what to consider special, especially now, since with Legion everything seems obsolete


Raiding Experience
Please list your progression and experience of the following raid instances, and indicate if your experience is LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic experience & progression, ie 5/12:
Highmaul : LFR clear - Normal 7/7 - Heroic 6/7
Blackrock Foundry : LFR clear - Normal 7/10
Hellfire Citadel : LFR clear

Do you have any aspirations to become a Raid Leader? And if so, why?
No, I don't.


Play Style

What sort play are you looking for? (Delete as appropriate)

Backup Raider: possibly in the future; wouldn't feel comfortable joining for progression
Social: I have no current aspirations to raid

Which of the following days each week are you available? Please see the top post for details of our current raid days.

Monday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Tuesday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Wednesday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Thursday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Friday 21:00 CET until 00:00
Saturday 20:30 CET until 00:00
Sunday 20:30 CET until 23.30

Tell us more about why you chose your current spec. (You may wish to tell us a little about your spell/shot/melee rotation & general play style in a raid/dungeon/group situation or link stats websites such as WoL in support of your application)

Honestly: because it's easy...
In the past I've used pretty much every spec in every different situation, normally based on what was more effective for raiding.
Every time adapting from patch to patch, often even from fight to fight, based on situational needs, aoe/single target needs, or even raid buffs needs.
Now I've come back after about 1 year break, with no raiding aspirations, and I just picked up the one I'm feeling more comfortable with. Rotations feel smooth and I have to say I'm enjoying it.
An advantage I'm finding useful with this spec is that it is more forgiving in case of lagging environments, which I suffer a lot because of my trembling internet connection.

About the play style in raid/dungeon/party what can I say... aim to top in damage done, aim to bottom in damage taken. Which pretty much summarizes it all, from knowing tactics, to paying attention to the environment, waste some GC in interrupts, avoid bad stuff, enjoy good stuff, limit the beloved tunnel vision as much as possible...

Choose all of the following which best describes what you enjoy, delete those which do NOT apply

- Inguild only group instancing - 5 stars
- Looking for group instances - 4 stars
- Challenge mode - 4 stars
- Spamming Looking for Raid - 2 stars

- Social questing with guild mates - 4 stars
- Solo questing - 3 stars

- Levelling existing alts - 4 stars
- Levelling professions to max - 3 stars
- Achievements - 3 stars
- Looking at the scenary/exploring - 5 stars for a couple of weeks.. now decrease in progress..

What, in WoW terms, are you the most proud of? *This does not have to be a recognised Blizzard achievement*

Talking about pride, mostly raids come to mind. Our first kill of the Lich king; the kill of Blood-Queen in ICC in 25-men mode, which we worked on for so long; the server first acknowledged kill of Ragnaros the week Firelands opened; the hard modes in Ulduar... I have to say being part of Demise raiding team always felt awesome.


Other Stuff

Do you know an existing member of the Highland Warriors? If so, who: for how long, and how do you know them?

No I don't.

Why do you want to join the Highland Warriors?

In few words I'm just about to leave the guild I've been in for the last 7 years. Few words because I hope you'll let me skip the reasons, and refer you to what 'Sonofthewear' has explained in the application I've seen he already submitted you.
Now I'm looking for a new friendly and active environment where to enjoy this game, and it looks like Highland Warriors fits the definition.

Anything extra you would like to tell us about yourself?

Finally, as you should always end on a laugh, tell us your best joke... ;)
Actually a true story:
- son - daddy can you make me a sandwitch?
- dad - bring me the mats
(sorry.. just had to write it.. I could never tell this to anyone I know irl)


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Re: [Trial] Faedee - BM Hunter - SOCIAL

Postby Nightmarish » 01 Oct 2016, 12:53

Trial offered
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