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Lunien - Warlock - Demonology/Destruction

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Lunien - Warlock - Demonology/Destruction

Postby Lunien » 11 Jun 2015, 00:21

About You

Age: 25 (26 in august)

Gender: Male

Country & Region: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK


Your Character

Character Name Please include all details of name, race and server changes: failure to do so will lead to your application being declined: Lunien, I've never changed the name nor have i changed server with this character, The original race was a Gnome, from there i changed across to Human.

Level: 100

Class: Warlock

Spec: Demonology/Destruction

Played Time: 4 days, 0 hours, 27 minutes, 24 seconds.

Achievement Points: 9300

Is this your main character? Yes

Alts Please list ALL alts regardless of level, including name, race, class, level and guild:

Kaelyph Level 90 Draenai Priest,
Xzion Level 90 Night Elf Death Knight,
Goripon Level 90 Night Elf Druid,
Kalandra Level 90 Night Elf Rogue,
Iyashikei Level 90 Pandaren Monk,
Isorion Level 90 Dwarf Paladin,
Zapajin Level 90 Troll Shaman,
Zviera Level 90 Orc Hunter,
Shanzen Level 90 Night Elf Mage,
Gorigo Level 91 Worgen Warrior.

All are in Innovation on Argent Dawn, though i plan to move some in the near future but i do plan to focus on my Warlock as my Main Character for the most part.

Previous guilds: Please list all the guilds you have been a member of, you may wish use as a starting point, especially where there have been name, faction and realm changes. We will check this, don't leave anything out or it reflects negatively on your application.

Originally a part of Innovation, I left due to not enough time and when i did have enough time i didn't feel like i was part of anything in the guild anymore.
I then moved to a guild called Legion of the Iron Edge which i cant really remember, but i believe it was an RP guild.
From there in to a guild i created to play with a friend called The Hallowed Serpent.

Other guilds you are applying for: None.


Please include details of levels and specialism, where appropriate.

Primary 1: Mining 691+10/700
Primary 2: Gnomish Engineering 610/700

First Aid: 600/700
Cooking: 1/700
List any special or rare recipes: N/A


Raiding Experience
Please list your progression and experience of the following raid instances, and indicate if your experience is predominently guild or PuG, along with 10/25 man, LFR or heroic experience:

I've only really done LFR within Pandaria, but i have raided up to Deathwing HC before the expansion.

Do you have any aspirations to become a Raid Leader? Please list any relevant previous experience: No.


Number of Reputations @ Exalted: N/A (I'm not a big fan of grinding)


Play Style

What sort of position would suit you best in terms of what you are looking for from a guild (delete as appropriate)

Social/Backup Raider: I am willing to spot fill when needed, but I understand a place is not guaranteed.

(I chose Social/Backup because for the moment i wish to go Social while i re-learn WoW in general as well as work my way through raid preperations (gear/pots/gem etc etc), But once i am fully set to Raid, i would love the opportunity to join in the Raiding.

Which of the following days each week are you available? Please see the top post for details of our current raid days.

Monday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Tuesday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Wednesday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Thursday 21:00 CET until 23.30
Friday 21:00 CET until 00:00
Saturday 20:30 CET until 00:00
Sunday 20:30 CET until 23.30

I am available every day after 7pm GMT.

Why did you chose your current spec?

Trying it out mostly, i'll be swapping and changing to find what fits me best before i even consider raiding, so that i'm 100% ready if i do get the opportunity to raid.

Tell us a little about your spell/shot/melee rotation & general play style in a raid/dungeon/group situation. (You may link stats websites such as WoL in support of your application)

I dont really have a rotation or any general play style as of yet, due to not having played WoW in over a year, I however am open to any tips and information that can be offered while i try to work it all out.

Choose THREE of the following which best describes your usual WOW week. Delete those which do NOT apply

- Looking for group instances
- Spamming Looking for Raid
- Solo questing

I've mostly been oriented to soloing things which is one of the reasons i quit last time, games like this are not fun to always solo.

Which of your achievements in WoW are you the most proud of, and why? *This does not have to be a recognised Blizzard acheivement - it could just be the slog of levelling from 1 - 85, or looting an item you have farmed for a long time*

I'm probably most proud of playing my class well (At the time healer) in heroic raiding.


Other Stuff

Do you know an existing member of the Highland Warriors? If so, who: for how long, and how do you know them?

Yes, Meredith and Gwenonwyn, I've known them for roughly 2 years, we met through friends and generally became a group with us and some other friends.

Nowadays i've been playing games with the guys.

Why do you want to join the Highland Warriors?

I was thinking about rejoining WoW but i wasnt overly sure what i would do in it, Meredith mentioned this guild and i thought to myself, it could be a fun opportunity to try meeting new people and rejoining the world of raiding.

How will you improve yourself as a Highland Warrior?

By attempting to be social (See Reason Below) and generally improve myself gameplay wise via learning how to DPS and Raid as a Warlock and constantly improving upon that.

Anything extra you would like to tell us about yourself?

Getting straight to the point, i have Asperger's Syndrome, therefore i may be a bit akward to begin with/always and generally may say or do something stupid occasionally, but i want to try to make friends and enjoy myself.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... n/advanced
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