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[Trial] Bludypal Guild application

PostPosted: 30 May 2014, 03:26
by Bludypriest
About Me;

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Country: UK (currently living in Singapore, but moving back to the UK end of June)

My Character; Bludypal

Level : 90

Class: Paladin

Spec: Holy - Off Ret

Achievement points: 6490

Realm Thunderhorne ... pal/simple

This is my main Character

Other Characters;

Lvl 90
BM ... unt/simple
Currently on German Realm Nefarian. I dont play him anymore, but pop across there regularly as I have left him camping out Skoll. (Nefarian is the lowest pop realm, thats why he's there, not that it's working)

Shadow ... est/simple
This has been my second favorite character after the Pal, although haven't done much with him in a while. Still keep him going providing my pal with potions.

Realm Thunderhorne ... age/simple
Hate playing this Char. but use him daily for the tailoring dailies. He is simply my bag maker!

Realm Thunderhorne ... ath/simple
Just started playing the DK. Level jumped him to 90 just to see what he's about, and so far, quite enjoying him. Once I have finished my weekly LFR and FLex with my pal, I now run in some LFR with this guy. Liking the Rune system, and I could get quite into DK's


OK this is hard work :-)
Firstly, I cannot remember, so have looked at the website warcraft realms as suggested, but my char does not come up, so I will give you what I can remember.

I started playing about 6 months before the end of the Lich King. A Greek work mate got me interested, I started off with a hunter, on Wildhammer, and was in his Greek guild. He left after about a month, quit playing, and I was left just floundering around with my Hunter. I didn't know anybody else who played, so I just did my own thing. When I got to Lvl 80, found it hard to get into Pugs, got bored, about 2 months before Cata decided to level a new character, started off with a Prot Pally. He reached 80 about 1 week before Cata came out. I ended up looking for a new guild, and after finding one I liked the look of on Anachronos realm, I jumped across, applied, and joined them. I did managed to do ICC up to the Gunship, once with the Hunter, and that was my full extent of raiding.
Once Cata came out, and I was at level 85, I wanted to start trying to Raid but was living in Dubai, so the time lines just didn't fit with raiding with my new guild, I started looking around and talking, managed to find about 5 other players who lived the UAE, who all agreed it would be good having our own guild on our timeline. So I left my guild, jumped across to Dragonmaw, where 3 of these other people were, I started up a guild there, and we started trying to recruit people to play on our timeline. Unfortunately I failed, we only managed to get about 12 people into the guild who lived in the middle east. The guild collapsed, and with that, and my work loads, I quit playing. This was about 6 months into Cata.
January 2014 I met a guy at work who rekindled my interest in the Game. He had a lvl 25 guild on Wildhammer, I got back into the Game, and jumped my Hunter and Pally to his realm. Joined his guild. At the time there was only him and his missus in the guild, I joined him in an attempt to help him get his missus back into the game. After a couple of months, we both moved to the guild "Inglorious". For the first time I really started enjoying a guild, these guys were all friendly, helpful, started running scenarios and dungeons with them when I could. The guild decided that the realm population was insufficient on Wildhammer, wanted more peeps around, and decided to change realm. They jumped across to Nordrassil, and I went with them. Have enjoyed playing with "Inglorious" but I did not enjoy the PVP realm, hated getting Ganked half a dozen times in an hour whilst questing/farming etc. Getting ganked by a well PVP geared player just is not fun if you only have PVE gear!
Decided PVP realm was not for me, so I went in search of another guild to join. I found "Nightmares" post on guild forum, took a look at your website, and decided to jump a character across here to see what the realm was about, and try to chat to a couple of your guildies. Spoke to one of your raiders the other day (sorry, memory like a sieve)
I like what I have seen, so here we are.

All 600
Gem craft & Mining & Cooking & FA - Pal (Fishing 440)
Tailoring & Enchant - Mage
Alchemy & Herb - Priest
Blacksmith & Mining - DK
Leather working & Skinning & FA- Hunter (Fishing and cooking 450)

Raiding Exp; MoP

Pal Priest DK Mage
MV LFR 6/6 LFR 6/6 Hc 5/6 LFR 3/6 LFR 3/6
HoF LFR 6/6 LFR 3/6 LFR 3/6
TES LFR 4/4 LFR 4/4 LFR 4/4
ToT LFR 12/12 LFR 12/12 LFR 12/12
SoO LFR 14/14 Flex 8/14 LFR 14/14 LFR 2/14

I have zero aspirations to become raid leader, with my work and family loads, I will never gain sufficient experience.

Rep - 20 exalted

Play Style;

Social/Backup Raider: I am willing to spot fill when needed, but I understand a place is not guaranteed


I work away, in the offshore oil and gas industry, so when I am at work about 150 days a year, I am not available at all, when I am at home, I am available most anytime, day or night.

I chose my current speck because, I tried prot, and I just did not like it. I tried Ret, and I struggled to enjoy the game, as I had my head down all the time trying to make 100% sure my rotation was always spot on. I decided to give Holy a bash, and, well, loving it, I have found the reactive style of play is much more suited to me. I started off by looking into how to play Holy, I like watching the Youtube videos by mikepreacherwow - . He seems to know what he's doing, and explains his style well. I also looked into icyveins, noxxic, and the usual haunts in order to try to figure out the best play style, gemming, reforge etc.
Currently I have not really settled into a play style. I know Mastery is supposed to help healing alot by the absorb shields put out, but the combination of shileds, EF and use of Lod I have not really settled into how much of which to use to get best optimal healing.
At the moment I am still very much learning, I am not a great raider, I may even be quite rubbish, I honestly don't know, I get good healing figures on recount, often higher than better geared characters, whilst also keeping my over healing down, I never top overhealing charts, and take a wee bit of pride in that! but I don't use CD's enough, or my Pally Hands. I am not really sure how good I am or should be, considering I've only really been raiding for a couple of months, and that is mainly LFR when most of the hard raid mechanics are either dumbed down and taken out completely, but I try to learn something every time I do a raid.

My weeks currently consist of.
1 LFR, Flex, Ordos and Celestials for my Pally gear - only just started using oQ thanks to a tip off from one of your members!
2 Farming, on the farm with my pally, priest, mage to collect the daily bread! plus Dailies for mage tailoring (need those bags), and DK trillium bars
3 LFR with my DK, and sometimes extra runs on the Pally,

My achievements, well these may seem simple to most players, but......

Solo gunship with my Ret pally, studied youtube on how it was supposed to be done, and after dying half a dozen times finally managed it, felt quite good!
Legendary Quest line DPS challenge. Simply because this play was harder than I am used to. Must have died a dozen times, but eventually got it figured out.

I suppose these both stem form the fact that most solo content is very simply, and as such you often do not have to stretch yourself too much in order to achieve. Reading the forums, most players find the above quite simple, fair enough, but to me I had to work for them.


I am wanting to join the highland warrioirs because you are a longstanding well established guild, so I'd expect you to be still here towards the end of WoD, if I join you, I expect that I wont have to look for another home again. I am looking for camaraderie, a fun and enjoyable place to be.
What do you gain form me joining, the only thing I can bring to the guild is my willingness to help out, I am always happy to drop what I am doing and give somebody a hand, why? Well because for me, playing is playing, it doesn't matter if I am trying to finish off a quest, it will still be there tomorrow, so if somebody needs a hand, why not? Or whether I am queued for a raid, because I can always help, and then re-queue, no problem.
Eventually I hope to be good enough that I can jump in and help out on a raid, if asked, without letting the side down. But I know that, no matter how good and how well geared I get, because of my work/family commitments, I will never be part of a serious or regular raid team, but thats fine, if I need a regular team to play on, I can always join the local pubs darts team for that :-)

Re: Bludypal Guild application

PostPosted: 30 May 2014, 06:49
by Bludypriest
Quick update on my Char. Hunter is no longer on Nefarian, just logged on, straight into Skoll, and then took a flight down to the Grizzly hills to find Arcturis standing there with nobody camping him. Two spirit beasts in 5 minutes, should see the size of my cheesy grin right now :biggrin:
So hunter on his way to Thunderhorn.

Re: Bludypal Guild application

PostPosted: 30 May 2014, 08:52
by Nightmarish
Hello Bludypal,

Well this is a very good app and a fellow holy paladin to boot!

I have trudged the Highland Warrior path too long as the only holy pala about! So a new holy pala would be welcomed.

You have some very good detail with regards to your history and also the kind of research you do with regards to your class. Not sure if you are aware but any alts you have which are played (excluding you bank character) need to be in guild, is this ok with you?

Re: Bludypal Guild application

PostPosted: 30 May 2014, 11:02
by Bludypriest
Hi Nightmares, yes absolutely, I prefer it that way, having simple and similar names makes it easy to chat to guildies no matter which character I'm playing, so if you guys are happy with my having 4 alts then thats great for me.


Re: Bludypal Guild application

PostPosted: 30 May 2014, 18:35
by Nightmarish
We do not have a limit on alts so that would be no problem at all.

So just to clarify when you go on your 150 days work we would not see you online at all for that duration of time? Its not a problem as we would be aware of it from day one but i just wanted to confirm that, that would be the case

Re: Bludypal Guild application

PostPosted: 30 May 2014, 22:58
by Bludypriest
Hey, yes thats correct, i often work away in areas with pretty much no internet. Sometimes yes, but I regard every job as having no internet access, then if I go away and a job does have, well thats just a nice bonus.

Re: Bludypal Guild application

PostPosted: 31 May 2014, 09:45
by Nightmarish
Ok that's no issue sounds like an interesting job being sent all over the place though.

Anyway when you are next online poke me for a chat if I am not on nightmares then poke a guildie and they'll point you in the right direction if I am about

Chat to you soon :-)

Re: Bludypal Guild application

PostPosted: 31 May 2014, 10:52
by Bludypriest
OK cheers, will do.

Re: [Trial] Bludypal Guild application

PostPosted: 31 May 2014, 13:30
by Nightmarish
Trial offered