Margar, Warrior Extreme

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Margar, Warrior Extreme

Postby Margar » 08 Aug 2007, 00:44

About You

Character Name: Margar
Level: 7
Class: Warrior
Race: Dranei

Is this your main character? Yes

Please list any alts, include the race, class, level and guild: None

Age (or range, 10-14, 15-18, 19-24, 25+): 19
Country: UK
Previous Guilds: None

Do you know anyone in Highland Warriors, and if so, who? Elora, Darkclaw


Current Spec: N/A

Why did you choose this talent spec:

Would you be prepared to change your spec if the guild required, for raiding purposes? Yes

Please include details of levels and specialism, where appropriate.

Primary 1: Mining 1
Primary 2: Blacksmith 1

Fishing: 1
First Aid: 1
Cooking: 1

List any notable recipes:

Please indictate your attunement or access to the following instances

Black Temple:

Heroic Coilfang Reservoir:
Heroic Auchenei:
Heroic Hellfire Citadel:
Heroic Caverns of Time:

Molten Core:
Blackwing Lair:

Times available for raids

Monday: any
Tuesday: any
Wednesday: any
Thursday: any
Friday: any
Saturday: any
Sunday: any

Got to love lazy uni :]

Additional Information:

Other Stuff

Which of the following addons do you currently have installed (if any);

Guild Event Manager (Essential): yes
CT Raid Assist (Essential): yes
KTM Threat Meter (Essential): yes
Xperl: no
Deadly Boss Mods: no

Why do you want to join Highland Warriors, and what do you feel you would add?

I want to be a good tank when I get to the stage of raiding, and I love working in a team :]

Why did you leave your other guild(s)?

Anything extra you would like to tell us about yourself?

Hi, I'm a Warrior, just started. I'd like to learn how to tank, then tank me some big raid monsters!
So thats me in a nutshell. I love to hang out, and I really want to get raiding :]

List your top achievements in the game: (i.e boss in MC, BWL, etc):

What are your future goals?

Link to online profile, or to your profile on The Armoury via the wow website: ... n&n=Margar


I have read the guild rules and expectations - post 1 of this thread -
and I agree/do not agree* to them. I understand that the rules are to make the game enjoyable for everyone and that any violation of these rules may end in an immediate termination of my probabation period

*Delete as appropriate
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Postby jiapoboz » 08 Aug 2007, 11:03

WOW!! finally we got warrior who can solve all our problems!
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Postby Windavell » 08 Aug 2007, 11:07

or create more! only time will tell :wink:
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