Minizez apply

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Minizez apply

Postby minizez » 17 Feb 2007, 05:09

Character Name: Minizez

Level: 68

Class: Warrior

Race: Gnome

Played Time: 37d/19h/22m

Is this your main character? yes

Please list any alts, include the race, class, level and guild: (Zezuz|Human|60|rogue) (zeez|Human|25|warlock)

Age (or range, 10-14, 15-18, 19-24, 25+): 21

Country: Denmark(kbh)

Previous Guilds: FellowShip of Light

Do you know anyone in Highland Warriors:
yes or no (if yes, name them) Jiapoboz Girlmagic from gameplay

BWL access: No

MC access: Yes

Onyixia access:No

Armor: (include back up armor or armor used for different occassions

Head: [Helm of Lupine Ferocity]

Shoulders: [Jade Warrior Pauldrons]

Chest: [Unscarred Breastplate]

Wrists: [Bracers of Heroism]

Hands: [Khan'aish Gloves of the Beast]

Waist: [Ango'rosh Belt of the Champion]

Legs: [Flintlocke's Piloting Pants]

Feet: [Ironsole Clompers]

Cloaks: [Dark Cloak of the Marsh]

Necklaces: [Dark Cloak of the Marsh]

Rings: [Longstrider's Loop][Longstrider's Loop][Band of the Victor][Sardonyx Knuckle of Shadow Resistance][Azurite Ring of Fire Protection][Sapphire Signet of Fire Resistance]

Trinkets: [Runed Fungalcap][Bladefist's Breadth][Gnomish Death Ray]

Talent Spec: (arms|45)(Fury|13)(Prot|0)

Why did you choose this talent spec:Much more fun to play

Professions: (level) (Blacksmith: 275) (Mining: 365)

List of ten best recipes:

Reputation with different factions:

Fire Resistance (unbuffed):

Nature Resistance (unbuffed):

Shadow Resistance (unbuffed):

Times available for raids:

Monday: Yes

Tuesday: No

Wednesday: Yes

Thursday: No

Friday: Yes

Saturday: Yes

Sunday: Yes

Notes(i.e. cooking class every second Tuesday or work late every second week):

Why do u want to join Highland Warriors: you have some frendley faces

Why did you leave the other guild(s): wonna take a step up and join a raid guild

What do you feel you would add to the guild: well when i hit lvl 70 i can respec and i whold say i can do some good tanking if needed but i also can do some nasty dmg 8)

Tell us a little about yourself: am always
up for some fun and happy to help a out if needed

I have read the guild rules and expectations - ... php?t=1334 -
and I agree/do not agree* to them. I understand that any violation of these rules may end in an immediate termination of my probabation period
( agree )
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Postby jiapoboz » 18 Feb 2007, 08:26

omg, u a fury :D :D
best tanking i meet in pugs
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Postby Silverlight » 18 Feb 2007, 10:44

a gnome warrior !!!!! He gets my vote , altho miss recrutment will be along and sort you out soon i think.
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Postby Windavell » 18 Feb 2007, 14:10

jiapoboz wrote:omg, u a fury :D :D
best tanking i meet in pugs

Depends on how good your healer, they have to work twice as hard on a dps warrior. Would also depend if he has tanking gear on.
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Postby Oneeyee » 19 Feb 2007, 16:59

As it is in TBC fury/arms warriors can manage tankingup to underbog but from what ive heard from prot warriors after that it gets to hard for them to manage. Fury will out tank a arms due to flurry proc on crits that gives him more rage and thus more sunders, but i think most will aggre with me that a prot warrior is the preferd tank for a instance.
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