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Level 60 Paladin

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Level 60 Paladin

Postby Twilightsun » 17 Jan 2007, 12:44

Character Name: Twilightsun

Class: Paladin

Race: Human

Played Time: 23 days 12 hours

Is this your main character? Yes

Please list any alts, include the race, class, level and guild:

Age 15-18

Country: Cheltenham

Previous Guilds: Stormwind warriors

Do you know anyone in Highland Warriors: Nicknack and lambroast

BWL access: no

MC access: yes

Onyixia access: no

Head: Whitesoul Helm

Shoulders: Templar Pauldrons of the Bear

Chest: Templar Chestplate of Power

Wrists: Lightforge Bracers

Hands: Vice Grips of the Eagle

Waist: Lighforge Belt

Legs: Elemantal Rockridge Leggins

Feet: Abyssal Plate Greaves of Striking

Cloaks: Sergeant’s Cape

Necklaces: Amberglow Talisman

Rings: Blackstone Ring Chivalorus, Signet

Trinkets: Mark of Resolution, Stormpike Insignia rank 3

Talent Spec: Holy

Why did you choose this talent spec: I feel that with holy talents I am a good healer and it is useful healing myself and other players.

Professions: Mining 266, Blacksmithing 0

List of ten best recipes:

Reputation with different factions:
Revered: Stormwind

Honored: Darnassus, Ironforge, Gnomerang Exiles, Stormpike Guard, The League of Arthor, Argent Dawn.

Friendly: Exodar, Silverwing sentinels, Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan, Ratchet.

Fire Resistance (27):

Nature Resistance (37):

Shadow Resistance (27):

Times available for raids:
Monday: From 4pm (GMT)
Tuesday: 3pm-2.30am
Wednesday: 3pm-6:30pm, 10pm -2:30 am
Thursday: 3pm-2:30 am
Friday: 3pm-2:30 am
Saturday: All day
Sunday: All day

Notes( have army cadets on Wednesday):

Why do u want to join Highland Warriors: I think that joining highland warriors would give me a opportunity to test my skills and abilities, also it does raids which I hope to join, also to meet more people and make more friends.

Why did you leave the other guild(s): My previous guild did not have enough players and they did not raid.

What do you feel you would add to the guild: help and assistance to members of the guild with quests and anything else.

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Nitesh, I am 16 years old and I enjoy to Mountain bike and to have fun with friends.

List your top 10 achievements in the game: (i.e boss in MC, BWL, etc):

What are your future goals: To get to 70, and to ride a flying mount and to provide help to members of the guild.

Link to online profile:

I have read the guild rules and expectations - ... php?t=1334 -
and I agree to them. I understand that any violation of these rules may end in an immediate termination of my probabation period
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