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Ryane - Lv60 Mage Application

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Ryane - Lv60 Mage Application

Postby Ryane » 09 Dec 2006, 13:24

Character Name: Ryane

Class: Mage

Race: Human

Played Time: 31 days 16 hours on this character.

Age (or range, 10-14, 15-18, 19-24, 25+): 15-18

Country: English

Previous Guilds: Legion of Exiles, the Crimson Dragoonz.

Do you know anyone in Highland Warriors: yes or no (if yes, name them)
I don't think so.

BWL access: yes

MC access: yes

Onyixia access: yes

Armor: (include back up armor or armor used for different occassions

Head: Netherwind Crown

Shoulders: Boreal Mantle

Chest: Arcanist Robe

Wrists: Arcanist Bindings

Hands: Arcanist Gloves

Waist: Arcanist Belt

Legs: Bloodtinged Kilt

Feet: Arcanist Boots

Cloaks: Cloak of the Hakkari Worshipers (+7 Fire Res)

Necklaces: Pebble of Kajaro, Drakefire Talisman for FR

Rings: Zanzil's Band, Don Mauricio's Band of Domination. (+17 FR ring for FR)

Trinkets: Brairwood Reed, Burst of KNowledge. (Ward of the elements for Resistances)

Talent Spec: 0/0/51

Why did you choose this talent spec: So many nice things with frost, control suits my playstyle perfectly.

Professions: (level) Alchemy/Herbalism/First Aid all 300. Fishing at 250 or so.

List of ten best recipes: Nothing special really.

Reputation with different factions:
Argent Dawn: Honoured
Hydraxian Waterlords: Revered
Zandalar Tribe: Honoured.
Cenarion Circle: Friendly (nearly honoured)

Fire Resistance (unbuffed): 74

Nature Resistance (unbuffed): 8

Shadow Resistance (unbuffed): 28

Times available for raids:

Available any night from 7-8PM to 12PM server time, can push for later if needed. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Notes(i.e. cooking class every second Tuesday or work late every second week): No regular things in the evenings, just special events like everyone.

Why do u want to join Highland Warriors: I want to progress in the game, Raiding is what I enjoy, for the thrill of downing that boss for the first time. I want to see as much of the endgame as possible before TBC.

Why did you leave the other guild(s): Various reasons, disbands etc.

What do you feel you would add to the guild: I am a competant raider. I always read up on strategies before bosses and know what i'm doing.

Tell us a little about yourself: I enjoy Video Games and Programming. Also, I act too, been in a few plays. And I also play the piano.

List your top 10 achievements in the game: (i.e boss in MC, BWL, etc):
Oo I dunno... In no particular order.
First time downing Raggy
Being part of a guild first kill on Razorgore.
Getting my first epic back when I was a noob ^_^
Grinding for an epic mount.
I led a ZG raid once for a while. <_<
Nothing else particularly stands out in my mind as important.

What are your future goals: To see as much of the endgame as possible and then buy TBC and get into raiding there early, as I only got this game at last christmas, so I was already way behind. TBC will let me get right up there.

Link to online profile: I have a allakhazam profile, but it's out of date so I won't bother linking it. All the details are in this app anyway.

Thanks for reading.
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