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Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2019, 20:56
by Windavell
As noted in the this thread we have been discussing moving servers in an attempt to improve the numbers in guild and also content available via pugs.
If you bothered to read that thread then this wont be news. If you didnt bother reading it until now, you were fair warned in advance. This is the general outcome of who wanted to move (That posted) click here

This a rough Q&A for those who didnt bother till now

Which server are you moving to?
Ravencrest. It has a very high Alliance population, is a PVE (when this mattered) server like TH. Did consider Silvermoon but I believe it will have questionable interactions within the community, based on the information given.

Why are you moving?
A move has been decided because TH has been on a steady decline over the past 2-3 years. As a result of this recruiting is next to impossible to achieve. We have been trying but now its at the stage where we cant even field 10 raiders. This is coupled with the fact that Blizzard punish smaller raid groups (less than 15) by badly scaled raids. Those that have raided know this from experience i.e. next to impossible boss with 10 is then one shot with 15.
As a lot of the active people play to raid this isnt an ideal situation. So the choice is either we all go our separate ways or we try something drastic. This is how the Server Move topic became born.
You can see from these stats:
Realm--------------------- Population*-------Horde*---------------Alliance*
Silvermoon PVE --------- 44694--------------3774----------------40,920
Ravencrest PVP---------- 24243--------------1554-----------------22,689
Thunderhorn PVE-------- 7369---------------2189-----------------5,180
THs numbers are bad compared to the more popular servers.

Why will moving help?
Theres no assurance it will. However, moving to a more populated server has 2 benefits.
1. Recruiting might be easier. I say might as it might not but one thing is for sure, it wont get better on TH.
2. More people on the server = more (and hopefully better) pug groups, communities and so on. So even if our own raids dont work out we should be able to link up with others.
Nothing is certain in life and maybe this wont work out. If it doesnt then at least those who do move will have far more options (guilds to apply for) than if they stay on TH.

I dont want to follow
Thats fine and thats your choice. I opened a thread to discuss this, and changed the message of the day, in the hope that all active people would take part. Most did but a number of people did not. All bar one of those that did chose to move.
If you dont want to follow thats entirely up to you. When I move the guild there will be a placeholder guild left on TH, you cant earn guild reputation or add new people but it will still be there for those who didnt quit. You obviously can leave and find a new home on TH.

I want to follow, are there limitations?
Post here with info -

How much does it cost?
You can either use ingame gold, or real life cash. The cash value is £19. It will cost me £30 to move the guild.

I cant afford to move all my alts
I cant either, Im just moving one, or maybe 2, then seeing how it goes.

What about my gold?
The guild transfer does not have a gold limit so if you only want to take 1 character but all your gold, and that total is over the cap, let me know and you can put it in the guild bank and I'll give it back after the move. This must be done before I move the guild though.

Ok Im in, when is this happening?
1st of September. I need to move the guild first, then you move after, you will then have the chance to rejoin and keep all your guild reputation. If you move first you will lose all that.
The 1st is a Sunday, I will move the guild in the morning. When its completed people should then move over. Feel free to make a lvl 1 alt on Ravencrest to check the guilds moving status before moving your main.

Why 1st September?
Most people get paid at the end of the month so should have money (if not using ingame gold) to pay for it. In addition giving good notice allows people to plan their banks contents, AH stuff and so on.

This seems a bit rash, Im not sure
Im not 100% sure. I've been on TH since WOW started, so since Feb 2005. Ive never had a break, never quit, dont have any alts on other servers (only lvl 1s for checking things). This is a big deal to me and one I do not take lightly. However I feel its the best chance we (and I) have of progressing.

Any other info about Ravencrest?
Salma, who moved there after quitting here, made this post based on his current experience.

Im not sure about this, can I wait till you settle then move after?
of course, no rush.

Im not coming but best of luck
Best of luck to you as well :yes:

Any other questions, please post and someone will answer.

For those interested in the guild move process, the Blizzard info page is here - now the part about guild members getting alerts and what happens if you choose to move.

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2019, 22:14
by Schtupps
I'll wait to see what the next expansion offers in terms of Class/Loot system design before I'd pay for a move. Good luck to all of you and I really hope that it works out for the best.

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2019, 22:28
by Lynara
This really hurts for me to write, but honestly - I don't think I can bring myself to move to Silvermoon. I've been on that server (briefly) before and I hated it, it just isn't for me. I love HW and HW is and has been my home for years, but I don't think I will be happy on Silvermoon. I'll probably make an alt and see how I feel and go from there and maybe join you all later if I am wrong about my feelings of overcrowding and overwhelming volumes of rude players if that is ok?

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2019, 22:53
by Sierra
Hey all,

This is my (final one cause I wont open this discussion again as im among the top posters and maybe some of you think that I already left the guild with main so I don’t matter. Also I changed my mind a couple of times, rushed I admit, this is part of who I am, I am like this irl lol, but I assure you this post is thought through) post to try and make a good advertise about Ravencrest.

First of all, me, as an individual player, I don’t want to move to Silvermoon. From my experience on Twisting Nether, the /trade chat is flooded non-stop with advertise and announcements, and I don’t know how a 50% more unique ppl server like Silvermoon will be really. I fear our guild recruitment will suffer because of that. I fear we wont find our identity there.

2nd , where have this fear of pvp servers came from? Twisting Nether is pvp and 1st world server, progress-wise. Everyone chooses how they play, all see /trade chat. Guildies can stay pvp flagged, what does it matter? You wont meet a guildie near a tree in Drustvar to ask him if he wants to do a m+, you will ask in /g, visible for all. For the most paranoid of you, if we will stay pve playing status, chances are we will meet in outdoors other pve players.
Also, even if one desired to stay pvp, like I did before this current patch, I assure you their numbers dropped by a lot with the slaughter that exists in Nazjatar.

Ravencrest is around nr 10 in the world progress-wise, that means raiding, so do they pvp? Maybe, 5% of their free time? Maybe we all have/will/would want to at some point.

Ravencrest says “full” on server lists, but 22k unique ppl is a good proportion of finding anything you want there. (I think all servers above 20k are listed as “full”, but there is a difference among 22k full and 40k full)

As plan B, if the Silvermoon move goes, I think I will wait on the transfers a little, afterall there is the Community option, where you can have cross-server ppl in a guild-like frame, to talk to at all times, if anyone wants to create one.

Also as a curiosity if some have it, ofc I wont move alone to Ravencrest, as I don’t know anyone there. I will just stay where I am now.

I’m sorry if im twising waters with this post, but we are human and don’t always make the wisest decision first hand. Also if I wouldn’t say anything my opinion would go to the void, this way is at least heard (well, read).


Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 15:20
by Nicknack
Ahh poor thunderhorn.. it's sad it has come to this I must say. But I am happy to move, HW has been my home for all my warcraft life! I think I will only be moving one character (the gnome of course) with intent on moving others down the line. Hopefully I will get some time to get back into the game soon..!

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 15:24
by Kaøs
Where I stand:

1. Afaiac all opinions matter :-)

2. My position on which new realm has not changed: good cases can be made for RC and SM (and even AD). I'll go where the group goes and adapt. In my mind keeping the group together would have top priority.

3. There is no fear about pvp, just an unresearched assumption on my side that lots of ppl on a tradionally pvp-marked will be focussed on WM. I have no idea how big of an issue that actually will be, so I am most willing to disregard that assumtion.

4. Saying this as a Void Elf Warlock: the void ain't that bad a place :-)

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 17:14
by Windavell
a few passionate posts that should of been in the actual discussion thread instead of the "dont like it but I'd go" responses we had. Shame they were not in there.

Lyn - of course, try it on an alt then go from there.

Dont really want to get involved with chats about the content of the trade/gen channels on servers. Almost everyone except trolls ignores those channels and its hardly any reason at all to discount something. Of course if you joined PUGs and they were all asses, thats a different story but to discount something due to how trade and gen chat is, is silly.

Our guild recruitment cant get worse than it is, so thats not a factor either. You cant say it would suffer on a potential you dont actually know anything about (no one does) but for sure it cant get worse as the situation now is no one applies. So ignoring that comment as well.

For me, the PVP aspect is the whole stupid Warmode thing. I dont like it, I dont use it, and I dont want to "see" no one around because they all have WM on. Again I cant tell for sure but PvPers join PVP servers, less so these days but the tag is still there and it will draw PVPers more than PVEers.

There is no way a move will please everyone, it just wont happen. Theres no way we'll get to a situation where everyone will go to the same place, that wont happen either, so I dont expect everyone to be happy, and I dont expect everyone to follow. In the case of Sie, you started this :p

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 17:53
by Eillena
Regarding improving pug situation:
I don't see how realm change will have any effect on that. The Premade Group Finder as well as Communities both work cross realm, so the pool of groups and applicants is the same no matter which realm you personally are on. As far as I know, ofc.

EDIT: not saying I'm against a move... my stance is still the same, ie. as long as my name is not taken, I'll go wherever.

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 19:46
by Lynara
I never mentioned trade chat or gen chat. That's not where I experienced my assholes. I experienced it mainly on the AH - people sending you rude in game mails because you undercut them or people undercutting to the point of major loss so that they can eventually create a monopoly. People constantly trying to open trade windows with you while you are on the AH so you can't post, people spamming /say with rude shit while you are questing. My experience was constant griefers tagging mobs just so you can't quest. Now, many of those things have been fixed by blizz, but that's not the point: those are not the kind of people I want to play with. That's not fun for me.

I will also admit, I am hurt that after being in this guild nearly 6 years now and not leaving during the mass exodus of 2016, My only opinion was was "anywhere but Silvermoon, I will follow anywhere except Silvermoon" and ultimately, you chose Silvermoon anyway. It's probably for the best, I at least know where I stand.

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 21:50
by Windavell
So Lyn what about the people thats been here longer than you? I should ignore them because you feel put out? or your extended AFKs, I should follow your choice over those too? by all means, be offended, upset, pissed off, but at least have good reasons that dont put you at the centre of the world. Of course perhaps I should follow your choice? I've been here 15 years nearly, if we are going based on age in guild mine trumps yours.

page 1 of the move thread, your post:
My vote goes to Silvermoon:
- Pve orientated server: more chances for skilled raiders.
- huge population: we will recruit faster
- shards technology make up for possible lag, so hopefully it will be none.

If you want to change that then by all means retract your post in the thread that actually discusses the move. Also, you wanted to move right away and not wait, if we'd done what you wanted we'd be there already. So what the change now? dont post it in there, post in the discussion thread.

As mentioned before, we had a thread specifically for this yet the more passionate posts appear in the actual move thread announcement. Whys that?

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 22:00
by Lynara
Never mind. It doesn't matter how long I've been here or anything else. What matters is you asked for our opinions and when given them you chose to ignore them and it's hurtful to confront the reality that although I value being in HW, HW doesn't actually value me or my opinion. It's ok, I'm not the centre of the guild, I never thought I was. As I said in the other thread: of course you have final say and the guild moves wherever you go. My choice is whether to follow or leave. That's all I ever had, but I hope you can understand that I am allowed to feel hurt and sad that after 6 years for it to end this way.

And just to say, I haven't actually been AFK for longer than a week at a time in 3 years now (and I only had that 1 extended AFK because I became homeless and then had no space for a PC, which you knew at the time), I just can't commit to raid because of my work schedule. I've had a continuous sub and been online most nights to dailies pretty much ever since. I came back as soon as I had a stable internet connection and place my PC could sit.

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 22:35
by Windavell
First post updated based on my most recent post in the server transfer thread. It wont be changed again no matter who complains or changes their mind. Im going my gut feeling which has served me well thus far.

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 23:04
by Lynara
Got my name (well, a slight variation) reserved on Ravencrest :)

Can I also clarify, as now I'm worried, my "6 years" comment was not meant to mean "I've been here 6 years so you should do what I want" it was meant to be "I've been here so long it feels sad to say goodbye, but by choosing the one realm I said I did not want, I feel very sad", but I appreciate without tone or inflection I probably came across brattier than intended. Sorry :(

Also, yay for Ravencrest

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 23:21
by Sierra
Yey x 2. :)

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2019, 11:41
by Nurlaera
All up for it and have reserved names already.

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2019, 13:40
by Kaøs
Probably superfluous, but (re)sharing it anyway: I am going to use new names for all the chars I shall be transfering (3). My new names are not taken on any realm, so easy cruisin'. However, when your old name is not in use on RC, the transfer will create your char using the old name after which you then will have to pay for a name change on RC. To avoid these extra costs I had to make sure my old names are occupied. So if you're in a similar boat: if you're moving to a new name and the old one is not yet taken on RC, don't forget to reserve the OLD name for a free name change!

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2019, 15:03
by Sierra
Wow that is some plan. :)

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2019, 15:40
by Kaøs
In case you were wondering. It will give me great pleasure that you will all be calling me "Myking" (yes, this name is not claimed on any of the active realms). :-)

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2019, 15:56
by Lynara
I'll pronounce it "Mike Ing" :P

Re: Server Move 1st September

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2019, 17:02
by Windavell
that name wasnt claimed on any active realms until you posted here saying that???