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US to EU

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2018, 21:21
by nieza
First and foremost hello.

Quick intro about me I'm an English born American Expat. So that means I was born in the UK, but spent most of my life in America. Only recently in the last 4 years I've come to live in England again.

To make things most interesting all of my WoW characters are on the NA server (I won't rant here about the fact you can't still transfer between regions in this day and age). In the end it isn't a big deal to me as I tend to enjoy the older content pre LK anyhow and if I'm honest I haven't played very much in the last years, but the announcement of classic certainly got my attention like so many others.

While it is for sure a long way off depending on what Blizzard anounces at BlizConn I've started looking around for like minded people who perhaps I might play classic with in the future. Sadly most of my friends from NA either no longer play or just play entirely in the wrong time zone.

So I appreciate this isn't an app, but I am wondering does Highland Warriors have any intention of playing on Classic? As I've enjoyed reading through your site and can certainly relate to a lot of what I see as an older gamer (42).

If I locate a group of people interested in playing on classic I would strongly consider buying an EU copy of WoW and starting over again. Though I do't game nearly as many hours per day as I did in my 20s damn life stuff.



US to EU

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2018, 21:32
by Elysah
Hey Nie

Thank-you for your post. I’m pleased you thought of us when considering a change but I’m afraid we have no plans as a guild to play Classic.

However if you’re interested in current content, please consider joining us :)

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