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Re: Group Application

Postby Ozelina » 07 Oct 2018, 09:35

I think the tank role is settled with Ahktar moving in as a Tank if that is fine with you guys (and girls). He has the urge to tank more in raids and have done it for us in M+ without any hassle. (He is quite good) It's a Demon Hunter tank so he'll probably beat alot on the DPS meters anyway... (Bloody OP'd class....)
If the need for more tanks arise we will solve that. My pala is up to speed, Kolijoox has one since we often fill different rules in our m+ runs. (And ofc. we have that Monk wizard able to do whatever we ask of him... Except pvp...)

So from our point of view I do think the roles and classes are pretty locked in with what we applied. The only one left is if you want me for example to swap to melee (rogue) instead for balance in the raid group. But not seen that beeing so important in raids nowadays.
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to put them out there. As you both mention Elysah and Windavell, it's better to have it out in the open before.

We have one that has arisen among us. And that is community feeling. For us the chatter on Ventrilio, mumble and now Discord has always been the glue to create the community feel. How have you handled that since you are of voicecomm and use typing instead? And how come you have made that decision to not use voice comm during runs/events/raids?
I do not perceive this as an issue, but plain curiosity.

How do we proceed from here?

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Re: Group Application

Postby Elysah » 07 Oct 2018, 10:30

Ahktar it is then! And thank you to everyone for the offers.

Lots of the guild are on discord in general and also join the in game voice comms for raids: some chatter, some just listen and some don’t go on at all.

I sometimes join the raid chat to listen to Fnny squeal about being healed (which I then ignore ) but more often than not I’m not involved in the voice comms. I’ve never found it an issue but it’s personal preference really :)

The official instructions come through /raid chat as should any questions/suggestions. It’s always been that way as not everyone is willing or able to join voice comms, due to varying personal reasons. It may well have slowed us down on some kills, but the inclusion of everyone is paramount.

Those who enjoy it are welcome to continue on voice comms, and it’s rarely an issue provided that everyone recognises that the official channel for decisions and strategies will always be typed.

If everyone is happy then all that’s left is to find a time to get everyone together ingame to invite for a trial, along with your alts.

The trial lasts for around two weeks, which gives everyone a chance to work out if we fit. In that time, everyone is welcome to join raids and create whatever sort of runs they wish.

Everything you need to know can be found in the New Members section of the forum. There’s a fairly epic post on Getting Started which includes details of raids expectations and the audit, along with the mundane housekeeping bits.

All members are expected to post a short intro, with a tiny bit about themselves and post their agreement to the terms laid out in the sticky. Once that is done and the trial period is up, then everyone gets full membership and access to a pretty well stocked guild bank.

Forum access is updated once you’ve been invited :)

So, really it’s about us spotting each other in game! I’ll be off and on at varying points this afternoon, then back around 20:30 game time for tonight’s raid.

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