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[Declined]Theexplorer Furry Warrior RAIDER.

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2018, 18:09
by TheExplorer

About You

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Country & Region: Belgium


Your Character

Character Name, including any details of name, race and server changes:

Theexplorer Human Wildhammer

Level: 110

Class: Warrior

Spec: Furry

Current ilvl: 931

Please note, we are not an alt guild. Therefore, would you be happy moving all your alts into the guild (excluding alts that are in a private guild to keep Guild bank access)?
I'm willing to move all my alts to the guild

Alts Please list ALL alts, regardless of level, including name, realm, faction, class, level and guild:
Drover 110 MW monk ilvl 915,
Newcontent 101,demon hunter,
Smasher, 96 paladin,
Darkbeast lvl 90 deathknight

Play Style

Choose all of the following which best describes what you enjoy, delete those which do NOT apply

- Raiding
- Mythic+ Runs
- World Quests
- PvP

What, in WoW terms, are you the most proud of? *This does not have to be a recognised Blizzard achievement*


RAID APPLICATIONS ONLY: Dungeoneering & Raiding

Tell us a little about your Mythic+ experience - what +level are you most confident with? What's your highest +level?

Please list your progression and difficulty mode, ie LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic, ie 5/12 HC

Nighthold LFR
Tomb Of Sargaras LFR
Antorus, The Burning Throne LFR

What sort play are you looking for? (Delete as appropriate)

Flexible Raider: I will sign to any events I'm able to attend, which would be around a couple a month

Which of the following days each week are you available?

Wednesday 21:00 CET until 23.30

Tell us more about why you chose your current spec. (You may wish to tell us a little about your spell/shot/melee rotation & general play style in a raid/dungeon/group situation or link stats websites in support of your application)
I have always liked melee characters, i have chosen furry warrior this season because i always wanted to have one, my melee rotation is all about keeping enraged and frothing berzerker up at all times, once i hit max rage i get the frothing berzerker buff, u spend ur rage to get enraged further en build up rage again till u get frothing berzerker buff again and so on, together with my big buffs: battlecry and avatar for big burst damage,

Do you have any aspirations to become a Raid Leader? And if so, why?

no i have not, i like to hop in when ever i can and play along and try and put my dps to the max

Other Stuff

Do you know an existing member of the Highland Warriors? If so, who: for how long, and how do you know them?

I have played a lot with talentails, i have been playing with him for the past 2-3 weeks hes a verry kind sir we do a lot of stuff together. We randomly met each other while playing wow.

Why do you want to join the Highland Warriors?

Talentails is a verry nice lad and im hoping to find more good guys like him in this guild and have fun while playing.

Anything extra you would like to tell us about yourself?

Im not the best raider but i enjoy it verry much, im verry driven to push to the max and i learn verry quick.

Finally, as you should always end on a laugh, tell us your best joke... ;)

Trying out healer, and not causing a wipe.
The elevator boss is my weakness.

Re: Theexplorer Furry Warrior RAIDER.

PostPosted: 29 Jun 2018, 16:53
by Elysah
Hello there, thank-you for your application.

Could you please send me the link to your armoury, please?

Also, Talentails... Is that an alt of Kintails?

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Re: Theexplorer Furry Warrior RAIDER.

PostPosted: 30 Jun 2018, 06:34
by TheExplorer

This it the link to my warrior: ... heexplorer

This is my monk: ... mer/drover

And also yes its kintails.

theexplorer :)

Re: Theexplorer Furry Warrior RAIDER.

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2018, 21:53
by Elysah
Thanks for your links :)

Tbh, raiding is now on a ad hoc basis, as we (like everyone else) begin to get ready for the new expac... Still doing an Unmaker kill each week in the hope that someone (probably Nox or Sif) gets the legendary trinket.

Therefore, recruitment is pretty much open season as we're looking to swell our ranks, and our raiding pool, ready for the new content.

Whats your online time like over the next few days or so? Will poke you for an ingame chat and we can go from there :)

Re: Theexplorer Furry Warrior RAIDER.

PostPosted: 02 Jul 2018, 20:31
by TheExplorer

Thank you, i will be online for the most time of the days, can be i play from 8-16h and from 21-24.

most of the time ill be online on Drover, thats my monk.
u can also just add me and pm me there: ImDrover#2463

have a nice day

Re: Theexplorer Furry Warrior RAIDER.

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2018, 18:36
by Elysah
Hello TheExplorer... will you be around weds evening for a chat?

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Re: Theexplorer Furry Warrior RAIDER.

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2018, 17:35
by Elysah
Closed due to lack of interest.