[Declined] Theexplorer Fury warrior RAIDER

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[Declined] Theexplorer Fury warrior RAIDER

Postby TheExplorer » 18 Jun 2018, 21:55

Hello my name is Stef,

im 21 year old and im a male

im born and i live in belgium.

my main char is a furry warrior lvl 110 with a current ilvl of 916 i started playing a small week ago and im realy into gearing i want the best of gear and im aiming for the top 3 dps inr aids etc.
i played a lot of wow and my main type of char are close combat ones.
i have some more char like lvl 100 monk and 94 pala.... etc that eventually wil be lvled to max.

i the things i enjoy the most is doing raid or dungeons with buddies from the guild.
i would realy like to do some pvp 2v2 3v3 etc arenas.
i dont do auction house profiteering i just like to play the game and hang out with friends and do fun stuff

i am not experienced with mythical+ because i just have not done it but im a fast learner.

in more if a flexible raider because my work hour changes constantly.

im friends with talentails we play together all the times.

i would like to join the guild because i would like to have more friends like him to play with as a group and do stuff together and just have a fun time wile playing wow. but i take high tier raiding verry serieusly and if we need to consentrate it needs to happen no jokes. but im always up for a laught in between en when doing normal things.

im sorry for my bad english hope u understand it and it will prob make you laught enof.
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Re: Theexplorer Fury warrior RAIDER

Postby Windavell » 19 Jun 2018, 09:34

Good morning

thank you for your application but we dont consider applications you have copy/pasted. We have our own form here - viewtopic.php?f=7&t=6932
Please read it through before applying.
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