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Rogue APP

Postby Surda » 21 Nov 2006, 20:56

Character Name: Surda

Class: Rogue

Race: Dwarf

Played Time: Till 11:30 on raid nights and till 10:00'ish on none raids

Age (or range, 10-14, 15-18, 19-24, 25+): 14

Country: England

Previous Guilds: The english crusaders and Unity

Do you know anyone in Highland Warriors: yes or no (if yes, name them)

BWL access: yes or no YES

MC access: yes or no YES

Onyixia access: yes or no YES

Armor: (include back up armor or armor used for different occassions

Head: Eye of rend/ shadowcraft cap

Shoulders: nightslayer shoulders/volcanic shoulders

Chest: Nightslayer chest/ volcanic chestpiece

Wrists: shadowcraft bracers

Hands: aged core leather gloves

Legs: blademaster leggings/ volcanic legs

Feet: shadowcraft boots

Cloaks: cape of the black baron/ wildfire cape

Necklaces: emberfire talisman

Rings: masons franity ring/ painweaver band

Trinkets: insignia of alliance/ blackhands breadth

Talent Spec: 18/28/5

Why did you choose this talent spec: Because one of my good mates on Stormrage server who also happend to be one of the best dmg dealers on the server in my oppinion used this spec.

Professions: Engineering (242), Enchanting (12) i only use for disenchants

List of ten best recipes: ....

Reputation with different factions: Honored with all Allicane Factions, Honored with argent dawn and hydraxian warlords, friendly with all steamwhindle castle.

Fire Resistance (unbuffed): 156

Nature Resistance (unbuffed): 86

Shadow Resistance (unbuffed): 15

Times available for raids:

Monday: No Mabye

Tuesday: till 11:30 servertime

Wednesday: No Mabye

Thursday: till 11:30 servertime

Friday: No

Saturday: till 11:30 servertime

Sunday: till 11:30 servertime

Notes(i.e. cooking class every second Tuesday or work late every second week): Hockey practice on Fridays.

Why do u want to join Highland Warriors: Because 1. i like your name, 2. you seem like a friendly bunch of people, 3. your a good guild with very good qualities

Why did you leave the other guild(s): i left TEC because i wanted to try something new apart from minor bosses and instances since on my old server my guild where starting BWL i wanted to stay around the same sort of level. I joined UNITY hopeing to find this as they had downed razorgore however when i joined they where in the middle of a breakdown and when i left most of the well-known members had left. and i belived the guild was starting to crumble.

What do you feel you would add to the guild: High dps as a rogue and i hope friendship as a player and person.

Tell us a little about yourself: i like WoW(of course), i am 14, i do have a life outside of WoW, i consider myself to be a friendly player as in i dont tend to make huge enemys quickly.

List your top 10 achievements in the game: (i.e boss in MC, BWL, etc): all bosses in MC and getting NS Chest.

What are your future goals: to clear BWL and AQ and then boses in TBC and Naxx

Comments: id just like to say i have an open ear to all suggestions and i am willing to put my full into every raid and i am well driven and i pay a huge amount of attention to everything.
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