Oldy wanting back in :)

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Oldy wanting back in :)

Postby Vfreak » 07 Nov 2006, 17:17

I hope you can ask of my forgiveness windavell, but I'd like you to think back to when we were lvl 28 trying to do gnomeregan(got there in the end) I always liked the guild and I'd like back in. well wish me luck here is my application:

Character Name: Vfreak

Class: Hunter

Race: NE

Played Time: 43days, 13 at 60 (ish)

Age (or range, 10-14, 15-18, 19-24, 25+): 15-18 (nice way of doing it, smooooth)

Country: England

Previous Guilds: HW, DIE, Untouchables, AI

Do you know anyone in Highland Warriors: yes or no (if yes, name them)
yes, Elora, Windavell and some other people (my memory is crap trust me, don't be to discontented about it)
BWL access: yes

MC access: yes

Onyixia access: yes

If you want to know, I am exhalted with AD and attuned to naxx :) *gloat*

Armor: (include back up armor or armor used for different occassions

Head: Bloodrenched mask

Shoulders: Rattlegore ones (black DS for FR

Chest: Bloodstained Hauberk (black DS for FR

Wrists: Predators armlets (Pyremail bracers of agility, for FR)

Hands: Gloves of the tormented (something like that, got some gloves with +13 NR aswell)

Legs: Abyssal mail leggings of striking (bds, again for FR :P)

Feet: Beastalker I believe

Cloaks: got one with +20 FR that drops off 1st boss in UBRS, and my main is one with +17 agi and 5 stam or something, drops off Drakkisath)


Rings: some elusive one (+6agi and+1% dodge, masons fraternity and I ahve multicoloured and jasperlink bands of FR (+30 FR in total and 10 stam :P, hey it was cheap <_<)

Trinkets: Devilsaur eye and royal seal of eldthraratas :S

Talent Spec: 00/21/30 (15% agi beats all. k.) most reliable spec I;ve ever had, works nicely for PvE or PvP (I suggest imp mark point instead of Concuss for PvE)

Why did you choose this talent spec: oops... already explained above neways :)

Professions: (level) mining and herb 300

List of ten best recipes: :\ farming profs sry (got that blood thing from ZG tho)

Reputation with different factions: look at my CTP

Fire Resistance (unbuffed): urm, maybe 130 something (all on my profile)

Nature Resistance (unbuffed): 13 :\

Shadow Resistance (unbuffed): 13

Times available for raids:

Monday: 4pm+

Tuesday: 4pm+

Wednesday: 4pm+

Thursday: 4pm+

Friday: 4pm+

Saturday: ??:?? - 4:00am GT

Sunday: 1:00PM+

Notes(i.e. cooking class every second Tuesday or work late every second week): weekdays vary tbh, I dont go sleep before 24:00 gametime though :) I am in school atm so I do have homework, sry. also I like to do stuff with my weekends, but I usually end up on comp at late night

Why do u want to join Highland Warriors: mainly to see if there is anyone I recognise, relight old fires and become friends with new people. I also think I can help progress in your raiding, and maybe you can help me there also

Why did you leave the other guild(s): Disbanding or personal reasons

What do you feel you would add to the guild: just a good friend really, I can be funny and bubbly, also help with the game if I can :)

Tell us a little about yourself: I am 16, I was born in france (limoges) and moved to england when I was 3, where my mother and father split up when I was 9 and I moved to malvern, and the rest is history :)

List your top 10 achievements in the game: (i.e boss in MC, BWL, etc):

What are your future goals: IRL I hope to do college and Uni, IG I hope to go raiding end game, and check out the new WoW

Link to online profile: ok ctprofiles is down at the mo, but I will get it back up as soon it is working, hope you can understand

Like to jsut add wind, I am sry for leaving the guild, but that was before lvl 60, I hav learnt of commitment to the game, and I hope you can see some sort of change and at least you ahve read my post, which is the least you could have done. If you are another officer and have just read my app, hope you know me or I hope to in the future, ty for reading my app and hope I get in! ty ^^
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Postby Vfreak » 07 Nov 2006, 17:20

Wind might I just ask lol, why was it called Highland Warriors in the 1st place? ^^ I 4get, and who was that paladin who had dreams of us all getting mics one day (TS finaly happend, bless) just wondering :)
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Postby Azrelon » 07 Nov 2006, 17:23

HW was origionally formed by fireknight i think , i guess u would have to ask him but he's sold his account i think or deleted his warrior
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Postby Garithas R.I.P » 07 Nov 2006, 18:09

lol err... V, that was umm... That was me lol
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Postby Elysah » 07 Nov 2006, 18:10

Thankyou, Vfreak, for your application.

However, at this current time, we have at least 8 regular hunters across the hwlod vying for a maximum of 5 raid positions, plus several active alt hunters.

To recruit another hunter at this point would be both unfair on our current members and also on you.

Thankyou very much for your time in filling out the application form and we wish you the best of luck in finding a guild.
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Postby Vfreak » 09 Nov 2006, 10:19

ok ty, gari I remembered that night lol :) and I couldnt remember the 1st GM, but FK sounds right :) was thinking of bladz but that was the other guild, thanks for your time anyway.
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