60 lvl mage want to join HW

If you would like to join our guild or just have a question about it please post here

60 lvl mage want to join HW

Postby haris » 15 Oct 2006, 17:05

Character Name: haris

Class: mage

Race: gnome

Played Time: 28 days and 23hour

Age (or range, 10-14, 15-18, 19-24, 25+):
16 year old
Previous Guilds:
the silver claw ad infinitum
Do you know anyone in Highland Warriors: yes or no (if yes, name them)
BWL access: yes or no
MC access: yes or no
Onyixia access: yes or no
no yet but soon i hope untill friday.
Armor: (include back up armor or armor used for different occassions

Head: crimson felt hat

Shoulders: magister

Chest: robe of archmage,arcanist robe

Wrists: sorcerers

Hands: sorcerers

Legs: abyssal cloth pants of sorcery

Feet: necropile boots

Cloaks: cloak of the hakkari worshiper

Necklaces: choker of enlightement

Rings: freezing band+band of servitube

Trinkets: insignia of the alliance+tailsman of arathor

Talent Spec: 1/50 0/50 50/50
***frost full
Why did you choose this talent spec:
because with frost on my talents i can survive when i have trubles
Professions: (level)
tailoring 300+enchanting 150
List of ten best recipes:
robe of aechmafe +flarecore wrasp
Reputation with different factions:
revered with AV exelted with argent dawn friendly with zandalarar friendly with cenarion hold
Fire Resistance (unbuffed):
18 but with any pre q i will iprove it to 50+
Nature Resistance (unbuffed):
Shadow Resistance (unbuffed):
Times available for raids:

Monday: 18:00-23:00

Tuesday: 18:00-23:00


Thursday: 18:00-23:00

Friday: 18:23:00

Saturday: enytime

Sunday: anytime

Notes(i.e. cooking class every second Tuesday or work late every second week):

Why do u want to join Highland Warriors:
because i know from my friend that your guld is helpfull and good in raids
Why did you leave the other guild(s):
because in the other guild there wasnt such a friendly spirit like your
What do you feel you would add to the guild:
more frost power!!!=)
Tell us a little about yourself:
i think that i am kind and helpfully and i am not epic hunter
List your top 10 achievements in the game: (i.e boss in MC, BWL, etc):
full ZG half AQ and full MC
What are your future goals:
to help ur guild and muself too about my game exp and to improve my equipment
Link to online profile: i dont have
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Postby Silverlight » 15 Oct 2006, 17:18

Race: gnome

Oooo good more gnomes

he he

Well good luck with your aplication. May need to work on that fire res a bit tho.
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Postby Kyra » 17 Oct 2006, 07:25

you've also quested with Kyra at some stage :wink:
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Postby Elysah » 22 Oct 2006, 22:08

Thankyou very much for your application to join our guild... However, at this time, I am afraid we must decline your application to join.

This is partly due to the reason that your game times would mean that you would have to leave the raid before it is finished (we ask all our raiders to be available until 00:00 game time)

However, additionally, recruitment is now currently closed on all classes pending a review of current guild membership.

Thankyou very much for taking the time to apply to the highland warriors and good luck in your search for a guild.
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