Symbolic Set request

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Symbolic Set request

Postby Vis » 15 May 2013, 13:12

Hello guys,

first time I'm using this part of the forums. I hope I'm in the right places.

I was wandering on wowhead looking for a nice mog for my panda, then I realized that panda 3d model is bugged and can't let me show how sets looks on Pandas. I gathered a couple of pieces looking forward to loot some MoP pieces in LfR that fit the set. Then I tried to see in game how they look on the panda aaaaand....eeew. Luckily it looks just perfect on my DK so I'm still after a few pieces of the set:

symbolic greaves

symbolic gauntlets

If you spot them in the AH and the amount of gold is reasonable (around 1k max) I'll pay then.

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