Florentia: Tonight Mathew Competition 2012. Bloodsail Seadog

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Florentia: Tonight Mathew Competition 2012. Bloodsail Seadog

Postby Bluejangles » 13 Aug 2012, 13:59

This was an entry in the Highland Warriors "Tonight Mathew I will be... " August 2012 Guild Mog Competition

Flodo, The Bloodsail Sea Dog!

Outfits like this one are why I am sooo envious of cloth wearers and the mog options open to them!

I am starting out on getting Bloodsail rep on my hunter, and would love to dress her up as a pirate but alas, there are zero options in Mail armor for this :( So I have chosen to live my pirate dream through Flodo. It wasn't hard to convince her - after I took her to see a production of Pirates of The Booty Bay-ibbean (...), she was all for enlisting as a Bloodsail Sea Dog if it meant a chance at meeting the handsome Captain Jack Sparrow!


Showing that she is tall enough to be a pirate...

This chestpiece is not very flattering in the combat stance...

As you can see, the NPC [npc] Bloodsail Sea Dog[/npc]'s do not wear shoulders or gloves, so I had to improvise and find pieces that matched the set. Luckily there is a Buccaneer's armor set in game which includes gloves, so naturally I went with those. That set doesn't have any shoulders though, so I instead picked some that I feel match the colours of the pants and boots quite nicely.

[item]Buccaneer's Vest[/item]
Imperial Red Mantle
[item]Buccaneer's Bracers[/item]
[item]Buccaneer's Gloves[/item]
Cincture of Woven Reeds
Crimson Silk Pantaloons
[item]Buccaneer's Boots[/item]

Some of these I farmed from trash mobs in the low level Shadow Fang Keep. The chest and shoulders were on the AH, and the belt is a quest reward but shares the excact same model as the Buccaneer's Cord. The pants are Tailor crafted, but match the Buccaneer's Pants exactly.

Unfortunately Flodo doesn't use swords, which would have been the perfect weapons to accompany a pirate outfit. Instead, I chose to give her a big mug of rum, and a bag of loot, pilfered from the treasure chests of a sunken ship!

[item]Tremendous Tankard O' Terror[/item]
[item]Khadgar's Knapsack[/item]

Armory Screenshot
Here is the armory screenshot, in which Flodo is also wearing [item]Admiral's Hat[/item]. Not part of my NPC outfit, but gives a nice piratey look :D
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