Competition details, past and present

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Competition details, past and present

Postby Florentia » 05 Jul 2012, 10:16

This is just a brief overview of past and current Transmog competitions, for those who may not know what they entailed.

Tonight Matthew, I'm Going to Be...
This competition ran from 9th July to 9th August, and challenged guildies to come up with a Transmog to match the outfit of an NPC of their choice! (Taking it's name from the TV series Stars In Their Eyes.) Alts were allowed for this one to give more flexibility with armor types, with a minimum level of 20. 1st Prize is 5,000g and 2nd/3rd Prize is 2,000g

1st Place: Bluejangles as Jelinek the Barber
2nd Place: Merre as Didi the Wench
3rd Place: Myrelle as The High Commander

Summer 2012 'Can You Mog It?' Competition
This ran from 1st May to 1st July 2012, and the goal was simply to submit our best outfits! Each person was allowed to submit a maximum of 3 sets for the judges to decide on, with the requirement that it is for their main charachter only. It was run by our GM Windavell.

Joint 1st Place (5000g): Florentia with her 'Rogue Hunter' set
Joint 1st Place (5000g): Bluejangles with his Sgt. Pepper themed set
2nd Place (3000g): Proterra with his 'Burning Blood' set
3rd Place (2000g): Shadowfx with his 'The Good, The Bad and...' set

Everyone who made the effort to enter was also rewarded with 2 Illusionary Bags, to help with that biggest of Transmogger's woes, no bag space! All other competition entries can be viewed in the Moggers Grotto.

The Pink Challenge
This ran from mid-May to the end of April 2012, and the goal was to create the pinkest set possible for your main character. It was run by our pink Paladin crusader Hopegivah.

1st Place (4,000g) Florentia with this set
2nd Place (1,500g) Bluejangles with his set.

The other entries can also be accessed from the Moggers Grotto (all 1 of them!).
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