Proterra: Summer 2012 Competion, Skank Set

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Proterra: Summer 2012 Competion, Skank Set

Postby Bluejangles » 04 Jul 2012, 17:37

This was an entry in the Highland Warriors "Summer 2012" Guild Mog Competition that took place between June and July 2012.

Skank set, nothing more can be said.

Transmog set #3

The Brief
So, uhm.. yeah. This set is something for you pink judges to laugh at. :D
When mogging came out, alot of people started to use revealing clothes for their own wee fantasy. Makes you look like a noob and a pervert. So this is perfect for my PvP set.
Can you imagine being killed by a perverted noob that looks like a Paladin Skank but is actually a Death Knight?! No, you probably haven't thought about it, but I find it fun in PvP.
I've noticed I get targeted more in PvP, probably people thinking "Hah, what a noob", which is actually beneficial since I'm hardly ever targeted and others die when i can survive longer.
So, here it is. Lolol.


I don't think much more can / needs to be said on this. It wasn;t too difficult to obtain, most was AH loot. Shoulders took alot of farming but that's about it. This one's more for a filler set since my second set consumed so much of my time. Worth a few laughs or /palm's.

The Gear

I wanted something that looked like I didn't have a helm, as switching the option to show helm off and on was beginning to be a pain, so this crown worked.

The shoulders cost a fair bit of gold and farming as the mats are quite demanding. 80 Motes of Air, for example. Was a good pass-time though and made some gold back from the extra bars I made :)

The chest had to be something skanky ofcourse, so i had a look through Mogit for somethign revealing and found this chest. Works a charm and look paladin-esque. Perfect.

The gloves were something simply to match the chest. Had a look in my BS plans and found Felsteel gloves and used them.

I used the Death Knight starter belt again to act as an invisible belt to emphasize the utter skankiness of the legs. /shudder

The legs, i found on my druid while questing in Tanaris. They made me laugh in disgust so I used them \o/

These white disco style boots dropped in BWD HC during one of my runs. I took them to put on my PvP set which, at the time was just the DK set. Funky style though.
Upon searching the link on Wowhead, i realised the obsenely low drop rate on these. Pity on anyone farming them. 0.01% is pretty low...

I wanted something that fit with the set but looked unique at the same time. Had a browse through some weapons and found this 2 handed sword. It's a pretty rare looking model. Not seen many running about with it lately and so I quested Ashenvale to obtain it. Set was now complete, time to kill some unsuspecting Horde Paladins. :D

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