Proterra: Summer 2012 Competion, Burning Blood Set

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Proterra: Summer 2012 Competion, Burning Blood Set

Postby Bluejangles » 04 Jul 2012, 17:30

This was 2nd Place in the Highland Warriors "Summer 2012" Guild Mog Competition that took place between June and July 2012.

Burning Blood Set

Transmog Entry #2

The Brief

Ok, this was by far my toughest set to build. Alot of blood sweat and tears. Well, none really but it was still a pain!
When I first began raiding early in Cata, as a lonely pug wondering the streets of Orgrimmar (Yes I was once a Hordie), I never knew much about raiding but was informed on everything by a helpful Goblin. She showed me the vendors and the potential gear I could obtain, which at this stage was the t11 HC set. I instantly loved this set. I loved the way the red fire contradicted with the Death Knight's cold and dark being.
Obviously I wasn't even good enough to get the non HC set at the time, so it was merely a dream. Once mogging came out, I decided that this set was something I was going to get. Furthermore when Firelands came out, I really liked the shoulders from Ragnaros, so i decided to base this set around both of them.

This was the end result.


I know, first thing you notice is the lack of Ragnaros shoulders as intended. I'll explain that in the gear info :P

I feel the end result of this set was pretty successful. I am also very proud of it as 8 weeks of grinding went into this. I also find it is very unique within Stormwind as I look at other people's mog sets.
Most Death Knight's have a set based around the current content gear or the DK starter set, so I feel this is closer to a paladin look, altough they tend to go for the current or judgement sets, again making mine feel more unique.

I had alot of trouble picking a weapon for this. I was going to use an axe called "The Burning Crusader" which was a twisted looking axe coloured like the Ashes of Al'ar. I had this axe mogged right up until today when I had a browse through some more weapons. I feel that the level 70 PvP axe works very well with the set and the fire effect it has creates a sort of fiery aura over the whole set.


The Gear

When i started looking for the set, my character was a female Night Elf. The set looked odd and stretched out, which I didn't like, so I had a race change to human male. On the male and I thought this set looked a bit weird again as some of the items looked a bit feminine, so I had a paid character change to female. £21.50 used already and I was just beginning! I wanted something that showed the hair, so more of a mask rather than a helmet. I couldn't find any bandit style masks for plate wearers but instead found this TBC faceguard which worked well.

The shoulders were, by far, the hardest piece to get for my set. Every week since the beginning of the competition, I tried to get a Firelands run going to get these shoulders. The first week I did it, the shoulders were dropped, but unfortunately I was in a group full of people from Alternate Reality, so the shoulders were inevitably ninjad without me getting a chance to roll. 8 weeks of finding groups, and failing or having no luck with drops, they didn't drop, so on the last week of raids before this competition ended, I started looking at any alternatives I could find. By Saturday I had done nearly every single raid in the game trying to get specific shoulders but had absolutely no luck. Then I had a look at Item Restoration, WoW's new feature. I browsed through the armour there and found shoulders that I had vendored from Forge of Souls a couple of months ago. They seem adequite for the set for now, altough I will continue farming the Rag shoulders after the comp is finished as my set isn't really done until I get them.
and here is the intended shoulders.

Chest, Belt & Hands
These 3 items were the Tier 11 HC items that I managed to obtain. I also had the legs but they were more black than orange, so it didn't really fit. I was proud to get these as It meant getting part of the items I had once desired but felt impossible to get. They are spot on for the look I was going for, so happy with these. They took a while to get as trying to get pugs to run BWD (succesfully) is quite a challenge. I had help from both Flo and Wind in some of these runs, so thanks for that. Took 4 resets to get 4 items so not too bad.

I originally had Tabard of the Achiever equipped but as I gathered more and more parts of my set, I felt the white area of the tabard killed the set a little. I had a look on Atlasloot at possible tabards and the only one that appealed to me, and really appealed, was the Tabard of Flame. This is a TCG item so one ebay browse and £15 later, I had the tabard. - £36.50 down now

After the t11 HC legs failing to impress me, I looked for alternatives. The t12 normal DK legs were an improvement so I used them for a while. I then found legs in Blackrock Mountain while levelling my Druid and instantly went back and farmed them. 16 resets later, (despite having a high drop rate) I had them.

These were another disappointment, like the shoulders, up until the last week. I was going for the t11 HC boots which have a very low drop rate on Magmaw HC. They didn't drop for 8 weeks. Last minute I found boots which matched the legs pretty well, so not too much of a loss there. Think they look alright, altough I will still continue to farm Magmaw.

As previously explained, I had the 2 handed axe, "The Burning Crusader" for ages. Here is the link to it.
It does look cool on it's own, but doesn't quite fit the set unfortunately. The axe I eventually went for fits better so I'm happy with that.

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