Trondzilla: Summer 2012 Competition, The Golden Anvil of ...

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Trondzilla: Summer 2012 Competition, The Golden Anvil of ...

Postby Bluejangles » 04 Jul 2012, 14:59

This was an entry in the Highland Warriors "Summer 2012" Guild Mog Competition that took place between June and July 2012.

The Golden Anvil of Alcaringrod

At last i am home....

The war in the Norht had been long, and the months that follow it were difficult for the dwarfs of Kaz Modan. After the fall of the Lich King the dead were shaken but not all of them were lost in the "eternal sleep" some of them still stir and the Alliance had to hunt them down, that task done by us.... the hardy dwarfs of Kaz Modan were best troops for the job, and we did it proudly because in the cold reaches of the mountains we found lost cousins thought long dead, and Muradin returned to us! Ah! Fine days i passed with my kin.
I learnd much from the Ice dwarfs of the North, miths, legends and secrets, for no dwarf exists without some secrets! Like much of my kin in the highlands of Dun Morogh the ice dwarfs also shared with me their passion of metals. My first travels were made has a BlackSmith apprentice and much i learnd in those days from the elders of my clan and the metalsmiths of Ironforge but some secrets were lost to us
and when i first set foot in the blacksmith halls of my brothers i saw something that made my earth stop and brought tears to my eyes.... There! In front of me was something i thought was not in this world anymore lost after the comming of Ragnaros and the shapping of Kaz Modan.....
With water filled eyes i approached the roaring fire and tought.... "How can this be? Here in the far norht! In the cold halls of my brothers i finally find you... We thought you were lost to us after the that bastard Ragnaros emerged from the depts and rechaped our homeland...."
I quickly turned to Zillan and hask him.
- Brother! How can this be! what you have here is one of the most precius gifts given to the dwarfs by Khaz the All Father!
- We know Trond... The Flame Eternal is our most sacret relic and i am showing "it" to you because Azeroth will need it soon!

The Flame Eternal burns brightly in the Anvils of Alcaringrod and the golden armor forged from its fire must endure the incomming battles

I reverently kneel before the sacred flame and prepare to fight the elements of Ragnaros in is own "back yard"

The firelands.... the true test of my kin is starting and i hope my new armor can withstand the onslaught

But i am not alone! My faithfull companion Wiggles "the squire" follows me!!! (After is precious help in the north Alexstraza the dragon queen casted Warpig Wiggles a polymorph spell and Wiggles is "bacon no more" and now he can look to the sky.... for those who are ignorant in "piglore" they (pigs ofc) cant look up so technically they cant look to the sky).

Lots of "pew pew" almost ended Wiggles life and it came from some sissy elves!

Even in the thick of the fight the worst can happen.... :biggrin: SUPER FARTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT


Head: Helm of holy visions

Shoulder: Templar pauldrons

Back - imbued infantry cloak

Chest: shattered Hand Breastplate

Belt: [item]Khan'aish girdle[/item]

Legs: Shattered hand legplates

Boots: [item]Khan'aish greaves[/item]

Shield: Embossed Plate shield

Weapond: Frigid war-mace

Shirt: stylish black shirt
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