Bluejangles: Summer 2012 Competion, Sgt. Pepper

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Bluejangles: Summer 2012 Competion, Sgt. Pepper

Postby Bluejangles » 04 Jul 2012, 13:07

This was the joint winner of the Highland Warriors "Summer 2012" Guild Mog Competition that took place between June and July 2012.

Transmorgification. Bluejangles and the Gnomettes.

The Sgt Pepper Tour

For my last entry I wanted a real challenge. Something that would take the art of transmogrification to a whole new level. I wanted everything. Most importantly of course the gear had to be right but I also wanted to get the Location, Pets and as many other things as possible that would complement the theme. I feel strongly that it’s not just the gear that makes a good set but the whole Transmorgification Experience, and with the help of a Monkey Pet, several Argent Squires, Raid Markers, Mirror Images, Ring of Frost, Elders Moonstones, Mylune’s Call, four Tol Barad Searchlights, Elune's Candle and so on, I feel I ticked all the boxes with this one.

I had the idea for a set that looked like what the Beatles wore on the Sgt Pepper's Album from day one, and I quickly enlisted the help of the New Gnomettes, namely Merre, Daelyn and Ebonyfire, who I have to say were absolutely brilliant. Farming four sets and thinking up ideas for special effects, and even co-ordinating a time when we were all online was a real chore of love though, but now it#s finally over I am very pleased with the results.

I have included the two images of the Sgt Peppers Album Cover because I wanted to point out where some of the gear decisions came from. Look at the cover and for example note George Harrison's Pirate Hat and Ringo Starrs cap.

The Story
Meet Bluejangles and the new Gnomettes.

As most people know Zarelar is very busy these days with mad scientist conventions and general world domination and so when Nicknack left the group it looked like this was the end for the Gnomettes. But Daelyn was not one to give up. Being Welsh means singing is in her blood and after a brief conversation with Merre, Ebonyfire and Bluejangles and many hours of rehearsal, the Super Group "Bluejangles and the New Gnomettes" were formed.

It was twenty years ago today,
Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play
They've been going in and out of style
But they're guaranteed to raise a smile
So may I introduce to you
The act you've known for all these years
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band!

They started off small (well they are three gnomes and a Ferengi after all) singing as a barbershop quartet in BJ's hairdressing salon "Curl Up and Dye", but very soon they started making a name for themselves and getting booked in some very prestigious places.

They went from gig to gig, building up a huge following of fans from all age groups, wowing audiences (did you see what I did there? Wowing? Wow-ing? Oh please yourselves.) all over Azeroth and beyond.

The pinnacle of their career so far though came on a fine June day when they were asked to perform a Beatles Tribute Concert, more specifically it was to be a Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band tribute. This was to take place at the largest venue on the planet. Yes, none other than Karazhan!

Live on stage. Bluejangles and the New Gnomettes

The crowd outside was massive and the fabulous four had to be smuggled in around the back through the ghostly stables. There was a huge Pre-Show dinner organised in the main hall, but our intrepid band had to miss that to set up on the stage.

Amongst the audience of living and dead (well mostly dead to be fair, it was Karazhan after all) wandered the ghosts of John Lennon, George Harrison and the Beatle’s biggest fan, Elvis Presley himself. John, George and Elvis went backstage to wish the band luck before they started. Seeing that Bluejangles had the hat that Ringo Starr wore on the original album cover, John gave his treasured trademark rose tinted sunglasses to Ebonyfire as a good luck charm, and Elvis, not wanting to be outdone gave her his Blue Suede shoes. As this was a specific Sgt. Pepper’s Tribute George Harrison then gave Merre a pirate hat like the one he wore on the original Album cover, stressing that it had to be worn width ways.

Bluejangles and the New Gnomettes demonstrating the perfect choreography that took months to perfect.

Finally the time had come and the Fabulous Four ran on stage to cheers from the crowd

The evening was a great success and as expected they performed all the songs and more from the original album.

Money was no object Stage special effects were seen throughout the show, utilising coloured lights, dry ice, spot lights and everything and anything.

Half way through the show they were joined on stage by the recently deceased Davey Jones of the Monkees, who was ironically reincarnated as a - well a monkey. Obviously.

Special Guest Star appearance from Davey Jones of the Monkees

The show was a great success and Bluejangles and the New Gnomettes got a well deserved standing ovation.

The Gear
Although only my gear is part of the competition I have also included the important gear used by my backing singers.


The original album cover and our own version soon to be released under the Ferengi Records Label

Head: 7720
This represents the hat that Ringo Starr wore on the famous Sgt Peppers cover and fits beautifully with the red costome. The three gnommettes all wore appropriate Sgt. Peppers head pieces too,

Merre had George Harrisons pirate hat First Mate Hat, this was the only Pirate Hat available that could be worn sideways like George Harrison wore on the original album cover.

Ebonyfire had John Lennon’s pink goggles Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles and also wore Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes

Dae wore a very 1960's headband.

Spaulders: Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle
I had to PVP to get these account bound shoulders. Let me repeat. I had to PVP! I think everyone knows how much of a sacrafice that was. I hate PVP (especially rogues). However these where so perfect with the Black Red and Gold that I had no other choice.

For the Gnomettes, I decided that they should all have variations of Mantle of Lost Hope for the simple black and gold and the conformity it brang.

Chest: Robes of the Royal Crown
These took some farming, more so because I needed all my Gnomettes to go out and farm the other colours. We had choices of Blue, Green, Purple and Orange and believe me they weren’t easy to get so that we all had one of each colour, but in the end we got there. I personally ended up with all colours except orange in my bag - which I couldn’t get as it was a quest I had done, but for me they are the best looking robe in the game so I didn't mind.

Merre used Councillors Robes (Green)
Ebonyfire used [item]Consortium Combatant's Robes[/item] (Orange)
Daelyn used Regal Robe

Leggings: N/A
As we wore a robe leggings are not seen. (Note. It is a Robe. It is NOT a dress).

Belt: [item]Captain Sander's Sash[/item]
I pondered a long time over this. Ideally I didn’t want a belt at all, but that wasn't within the rules so I had a good search through what was available. It would have been easy to use a simple black belt, but I felt the red sash actually went nicely and so put in the considerable hours I needed to farm it.

This one is a keeper.

For the Gnomettes I asked them not to wear a belt as they were just my background and not transmogging themselves.

Wrist: N/A
The wrist cannot be seen with the robe.

Gloves: Gloves of the Infernal Nocturnal
Ideally I wouldn’t have worn any gloves, but as I had to some, this pair of small black ones that showed most of the hand I actually ended up quite liking them.

The Gnomettes I gave a choice of no gloves or plain black.

Shoes: Slippers of Tribute
Simple and Black, There were many to choose from. For ebonyfire though I insisted she wore the coveted Blue Suede Shoes as they fitted in nicely with the story.

Back: Cloak of the Betrayed
Beautiful Red silk with a gold lining. I could have chosen no cloak, but decided this was so nice I would use it. It also set me up nicely as leader of the band, as I asked the Gnomettes to go without cloaks (even though they had all farmed very nice cloaks that matched their outfits).

Main Hand: Staff of the Second Orb
It had to be simple even though it was planned to stay on my back, but a cane with a Red Orb at the end was perfect with the costume. It also makes sense for a serious entertainer like myself to be on stage with a cane.

Off Hand: N/A
As I chose to use a staff, I am not eligible for an Off hand item. However my gnomettes were, and so they all had variations of [item]Buccaneer's Orb[/item] which is the ultimate microphone accessory.

Wand: Wasteland Wand
This simple black wand works well as a microphone, although I am not sure I chose to have the wand out in any images.

The Location
Karazhan's Stage. Obviously. The biggest theatre in the whole of Azeroth.

Pets and Mounts and everything else
Shirt: N/A Not Seen

Pet: Darkmoon Monkey
I wouldn’t have used a companion, but this was perfect for when we were joined on stage by the recently departed Davey Jones of the Monkees.

We also had our Agent Squires out at one point so we could sign autographs.

Mount: N/A
No need for mounts with this set. We are Singers - not riders


The crowd went wild when they started singing Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, using special effects from an [item]Elune's Candle[/item]

Here we see the fabulous four singing "She's Leaving Home", using special effects from the stage director's [item]Mylune's Call[/item]

When they started singing "good Morning, Good Morning" the stage was flooded of dry ice (curtesy of [spell]Ring of Frost[/spell])

For the finale, they sang "With A Little Help From My Friends" they were joined on stage by their backing dancers, The New Gnomette Ensemble, courtesy of [spell]Mirror Image[/spell]

After the show they signed autographs

Other items used included:-
Raid Markers for Coloured spotlights, [item]Elder's Moonstone[/item] for spotlights, Tol Barad Searchlight for more spotlights (I made sure we all four farmed these – so thanks again Gnomettes)

As seen from above


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