Bluejangles: Summer 2012 Competion, The Dark Cultist

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Bluejangles: Summer 2012 Competion, The Dark Cultist

Postby Bluejangles » 04 Jul 2012, 13:03

This was an entry in the Highland Warriors "Summer 2012" Guild Mog Competition that took place between June and July 2012.

Transmorgification. Bluejangles The Dark Cultist

The Story
Meet Bluejangles the Dark Cultist. He subscribes to the teachings of Zarelar "The Evil One" and performs sacrifices and lewd acts in his name. All bow to The Evil One.

The Cult is based in the depths of Scholomance where Zarelar The Evil One kindly set Bluejangles up with his own office (You can actually see him in the next photograph, waving at the back).

Bluejangles was set up with his own Office by Zarelar "The Evil One". If you look carefully you can see him waving in the background

Zarelar also supplies Bluejangles with his pet Rat Whiskers and an endless supply of virgins. Well I say virgins, but they mostly came from Essex so one can never be sure.

Many say that Bluejangles is two faced but this is lies as he is in fact three faced. This is because the first two Essex girl "virgins" that Bluejangles got to sacrifice were Tracey and Sharon and he was so proud of this that he kept their heads and made shoulder pads out of them. Unfortunately Tracey and Sharon (or Trace and Shazzer as they call themselves) were constantly checking out the arses of any passing guys, so Bluejangles ended up having to blindfold them.

This didn't stop them talking behind his back though. Well I say talking, mostly it is a constant bickering, arguing about the most trivial of things such as which side they are on.

Sharon is the head on the Right and Tracey is the one on the left and yet they both think they are on the right.

Sharon: I am on the right.
Tracey: Is that your right or my right?
Sharon: You have no right you numpty you’re a head
Tracey: Your face is a head.
Sharon: Yes it is idiot. A head on the right.
Tracey: You are most definitely not on the right. You are left because you were left on the shelf.
Sharon: Your face is left on the shelf.
Tracey: and your face is left on Bluejangle’s shoulder.
Sharon: No. I am right. I am always right.
Tracey: Your face is right!
Sharon: Exactly!
Tracey: Oh…

The Gear
Some of this was easier to find than others. The head and shoulders took a lot of work as they only dropped from the Dark Temple but luckily finding people to run with was easy enough due to the achievement competition.

I love taking one item and finding the perfect set to go with it. There is nothing wrong with Tier sets (although the mage ones are all very samey to me), but I feel they can take away from some of the creativity that all us pro moggers share.


Head: Cowl of Benevolence
This dropped from Dark Temple. It was always my first choice and the one I actively faermed, although there is a black cowl that I had in reserve just in case. There were also the cowls from ICC that could hve worked, but this one was always the one I wanted as it worked so much better with the shoulder pads. I also love the innocence of the halo.

Spaulders: Amice of Brilliant Light
This dropped from Dark Temple. This is the finest pair of cloth shoulders known to Man and Ferengi. I feared these were never going to drop and if that had happened I probably wouldn't have even made this entry. They are a work of terrifying beauty.

Chest: Runecloth Robe
This priest like chest with it's roman catholoc feel, I thought fitted well with the whole dark cultist image.

Back: [item]Warmonger's Cloak[/item]
Isn't this one a beauty. High quality black silk with a gold trim. A work of beauty.

Leggings: N/A
These can't be seen as I am wearing a robe.

Leggings: Slippers of Tribute
I wanted something unassuming and black. There was actually quite a choice, so these were not too difficult to find.

Belt: Living Mojo Belt
Funnily enough finding the perfect belt wasn't easy as ideally the belt would not have been shown at all. Although there are a variety of simple black belts - this is the one I finally settled on as it was tinged with green, and parts of the robe is a very dark green.

Wrist: N/A
Cuffs can't be seen with this robe

Gloves: Shadow Council Council Gloves
Black was my main priority, but I wanted domething with my fingers free as sacrificing virgins can be very tactile.

Main Hand: Funeral Pyre
I did um and ah over staff or sacrificial sword and felt it wouldnt be fair to use a staff in some entries and a sword in other entries as other moggers are limited to just one, and it is only because I can't mog my own legendary staff that I have the choice So i decided that in fairness I would staick to staffs as that is what my legendary actually is and that is what I would trasmog of it wasnt legendary.

This staff works well I think and has an evil feel to it. Note the chains that match the chains on the gorgeous shoulders.

Off Hand: N/A
As I chose to use a staff, I am not eligible for an Off hand item, which was a slight shame as I do have a lovely skull based off hand.

Wand: Wand of Sseratus
In lieu of no skull off hand though I went for this dark skull wand. It is actually the skull of a pet poodle and was the first real sacrifice I ever made. I had to start someowhere you know. You can't just start sacrificing virgins with no practice whatsoever.

Shirt: Stylish Black Shirt
Funily enough I did have to go find this as the robe has a hole in the middle, and my existing pink shirt just looked wrong. No shirt at all you could see my belly button and that just didnt fit the Dark Cultis image.

Bluejangles flex's in true Dark Cultist style in front of a picturesque back drop of candles and skulls. Who says romance is dead. ]You no take candle!

The Location
Scholomance of course. Where else could be the base for the evilness and frequent “frat” parties other than the learning seat of Scholomance. Luckily Zarelar gave me my own Office (oh yeah, I have done that gag)

Pets and Mounts
Pet: Rat Cage

No separate image as he features in all the screenshots anyway, but Whiskers the Rat semed most appropriate for the Dark Cultist. What better pet could there be (and besides it reminds me of my mentor, Zarelar). I did also have the Giant Sewer Rat, but thay somehow wasnt as impressive.

Flying Mount: Purple Riding Nether Ray
I wanted something dark and evil looking to compliment this set. The Purple Riding Nether Ray seemed to fit the bill.

Dark and Evil.

Land Mount: Reins of the Black War Tiger
I am very proud of this mount. I had to PVP to get it. That means I have been killed over 1000 times by rogues.

The legendary Black War Tiger. The prefered beast of the Dark Cultists


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