Florentia: Summer 2012 Competion, Guild Pride Parade

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Florentia: Summer 2012 Competion, Guild Pride Parade

Postby Bluejangles » 04 Jul 2012, 12:53

This was an entry in the Highland Warriors "Summer 2012" Guild Mog Competition that took place between June and July 2012.

"Guild Pride Parade"
Transmog Set 3

Me, Leo and Chad, my Guild Herald.
Chad is a bit shy and wouldn't stand further forward, but I'm pretty sure he was secretly admiring me from afar :yes:

As is evident from my previous 2 sets, I usually like to make up a little character story to go with my sets. Especially if the pieces weren't particularly hard to get, besides a whole lot of grinding - I like to make up something a little more difficult my character might have had to go through to get their set, or a reason for why they're wearing it. But for this one I have decided not to do that. The reason being that the weapon I based this set on - 48711 - was very difficult to acquire in it's own right, and I am very proud to own it! It is no longer obtainable and as such, stands a testament to the hard work we as a guild put in back in the day (as no one can now go back and simply farm the raid on easy mode until they get it. You have to have done it when it was hard, and gotten lucky with drops!) So I will just tell the story of why I am so proud to have it.

It is from the Tribute Chest in the Trial of The Grand Crusader raid. Getting access to the chest required killing the whole instance in Heroic, without a single wipe (if I remember correctly!). It was extremely hard, and of course we did wipe many a time on Anub'arak in the beginning. It was one of the hardest bosses we've faced, in my opinion (I know I only started raiding in Wrath, but still!). I used to look at this bow in Atlas Loot and try it on, hopeful that some day it would be mine. After a lot of work, we finally got [achievement]3810[/achievement] :cheer: Despite growing to really hate ToGC (the fact it had 4 difficulty modes got very tedious!), I have always been extremely proud of the progress we made during this time - we were up there with the top guilds on the server downing heroic modes and it was awesome to be a part of the team, working together and seeing the fights fall into place <3 After a couple more Tribute runs, I got my bow \o/ Unfortunately soon after, Icecrown Citadel came out and I acquired a ranged upgrade before I could ever really use this bow :( But I kept it in my bank, simply because I was just so proud to have gotten it.

Fastforward to Transmog coming out, and you better believe I was going to base a set around this! Annoyingly, there are not a lot of Mail options for a blue/gold combo, and so this set has taken a loooong time to put together and it has gone through many different revisions. By a stroke of luck, our Guild Tabard matches perfectly and so I decided to add it, to tie everything together. Behold:

Location: Where else but the Alliance capital of Stormwind! With it's blue and gold flags and lion motifs, its the perfect place. Starring Leo, the Argent Squire and the little Gryphon Hatchling pets.


...and back

Mah bow! I love this animation with the mouth opening up and shooting arrows from it!

Leo is always happy to double up as a mount, so that we can ride into battle together!

I tried my best to make the set look good without the tabard, because sometimes I prefer not to have a tabard showing (they poke through a lot of mounts' butts!).
I also think these goggles go really well with the set, but since I don't always like to have a helm showing, I'm adding these as an optional extra, too.

The Gear
Shoulders - [item]The Wavemender's Mantle[/item]. 40438. After some deliberating, I decided I wasn't happy with the first shoulders I had chosen. There was something not quite right, and so I decided to look for something else. Turned out I had these ones in Void Storage, and hadn't vendored them as I'd thought! I think they work a lot better and are not as bulky/distracting as the first pair I had.

Chest - Shroud of Rime. The Wowhead page for this item has one comment only, and it sums up it up really well: "IT... NEVER.... DROPS! GRAHHH!" Seriously, this chest sucked to farm! I actually attempted to farm it a couple months ago for a different set I had in mind, and gave up on it. But this time, I decided I had to pursue as really nothing else looked right with the pants. It is from the last boss in Pit of Saron, thankfully from the normal mode. It is required to kill the other bosses in there before you can access him, and that got old really fast. The last boss is also a real pain to kill even in 85 gear, because of one of his abilities. I did the fight so many times over though, and eventually worked out a strategy. This took days and days of resetting and running PoS before it dropped.

Legs - Black Dragonskin Breeches. These drop from one of the other bosses in Pit of Saron, so thankfully I managed to get them during one of my many runs for the chest. I actually saw these drop a number of times, which was kind of depressing when the chest wasn't dropping at all!

Gloves - [item]Benefactor's Gauntlets[/item]. These are from Naxx 25. I actually had different gloves in mind as I didn't think I'd manage to get these from Naxx due to the usual shortage of runs there, but I got lucky and they dropped in one of the recent achievement runs \o/ They are the perfect shade of blue and gold and I feel are a key piece for helping to keep the colour scheme going, as the other pieces don't have a lot of gold on them.

Wrists - Seven Stormy Mornings. I almost forgot to look for bracers for this set, as a lot of the time you can never see them. After having a quick browse through Mog It though I found these and they match perfectly with the chest/legs - they poke out over the gloves and show a nice fur trim.

Belt - Belt of The Beloved Companion. I originally used the yellow LFR version of this belt, but after changing my shoulders, I decided that there was enough gold colour in the set to make using the blue version okay. This is actually my current belt, so I had no need to mog it into anything else. I did go through every single belt available in Mog It, and my current one was really the best match!

Boots - Boots of Tremoring Earth. These are from ToGC, and I used to wear either these or one of the same-model alternatives from that raid back in the day, and I feel they fit in well with the colour scheme.

Staff - Spire of Coagulated Globules, normal version from DS. I have both the normal and heroic version of this staff, and the normal version works best with it's blue/yellow colours (heroic is orange/green). There are little tufts of fur on the staff too, which I think works nice with the fur trim on the armor.

Shirt - Blue Lumberjack Shirt. You can just see a small piece of this, between the arms of the chestpiece and the top of the bracers. I debated leaving the skin showing there, but I found it a bit distracting to look at so I looked for a blue shirt and decided I liked the shade of this one best.

Optional Helm - [item]Steamworker's Goggles[/item]. From Flame Lev in Ulduar 25. Everyone looks badass in goggles!

And of course my beautiful bow, 48711 which I have already detailed above! The tabard is the epic version of the guild tabard.

Amory screenshot:
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