Bluejangles: The Pink Challenge

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Bluejangles: The Pink Challenge

Postby Bluejangles » 04 Jul 2012, 12:25

This was the runner up for the Highland Warriors "Pink Challenge" Guild Competition that took place June 2012.

Transmorgification. Pinkjangles, Pimp daddy to the Paladins

The Story
Meet Pinkjangles, Pimp Daddy to the Paladins.

PeeJay-PeeDee says "When a pally Bro, needs a Ho, the thumb need never know…"

As with all Ferengi, Pinkjangles is in it to make money. Just as his brother Blue owns the profitable "Curl up and Dye" hairdressing salon, PJ-PD has his own business too, supplying beautiful female (or male) companionship to all pally's that need it.

Don’t mess with the Pimp Daddy.

As a bit of background I should say that Mazz is possibly my biggest customer (and I don't just mean in the trouser department). I have to search the many lands to keep him in burgerz and Ho’s.

So this is Pinkjangles in his place of work - the Pink Harem area in Black temple.

This image shows the awesomeness that is my cape of pinkness.

and this is Pinkjangles taking a well earned rest. It also shows the pinkness of the shirt a little better

"When a pally Bro, needs a Ho, the thumb need never know…"

The Gear
As with all sets I needed a starting place and as the pink chest items were dresses (that aint happening girlfriend), I started with a pink shirt. Possibly the pinkest item in the whole world. Pinker than even a - errrr - even a really really pink thing.

Head: Amethyst Beholder Eye
There were a couple of rimmed hats like the one Zarelar wears that may have worked, but then I decided that a pimp daddy should be tough looking and when I saw the "pink" one eyed goggles in the AH it immediately felt right and so I spent far too much for this one item.

But it is pink and it is kinda of tough looking in a cool pimp daddy kind of way. And it is pink.

Spaulders: Mystical Mantle
I tooka long while deliberating ove these. I had pinker but they were huge and didint fit the image as well as these. This one also is part o the same set as the cloak.

Chest: Runecloth Tunic
So as the pink shirt was going to be my focus, I needed something pimpy, and yet something that showed off most of the shirt as well. I thought this pinkish shade of red worked quite well and isn't it simply define?

Leggings: Runecloth Pants
These were hand crafted by one of the best tailors in Azeroth and I felt matched and complimented the shirt/chest combination.

Boots: Light-Woven Slippers
I loves these boots. Like Spats but with a deep pink hue. Just what a pimp-daddy would wear.

Belt: Cord of Belief
A subtle pinkness with a hint of blue

Wrist: N/A
With these gloves my wrist can not be seen.

Gloves: Energis Armwraps
These gloves radiate in a glow of pinkness,

Back: Mystical Cape
Chosen for its pinkness and that it is framed in a luxurious gold.

Main Hand: Calenda Fighting Stick
So what would a pimp use? Well a cool cane with a throbbing pink end of course. Hhhmmm. That didn’t sound right. Mazz is rubbing off on me.

Off Hand: N/A
As I chose to use a staff, I am not eligible for an Off hand item.

Wand: None
I don’t get my wand out. I am the Pimp daddy. That is something my clients do.

The Location
The only place for Pimp Daddy PJ is of course the luxuary setting of the Harem in the Black Temple. As I couldnt have mounts in there though the location I chose for showing off the had to be the pinkest place on the planet which is found in the Twighlight Highlands.

Pets and Mounts and everything else
Shirt: Pink Mageweave Shirt
The Pinkest item in the whole wow world.

Pet: Perky Pug.
I could have gone with the hatchling, just as Flo did and was tempted. It was a good choice and is indeed very pink, but I felt the Perky Pug was more in character with Pj-Pd.

Land Mount: Swift Lovebird
This was a no brainer for obvious pink reasons. There is no other choice of course than the Pink bird of love, aka the Swift Lovebird.

Pinkjangles, in Pinkland on Pink, the Swift Lovebird.

Air Mount: Reins of the Dark Phoenix
For the air mount Pj chose the subtle pinkness that highlights part of the Dark Phoenix

Pinkhangles, riding the back of his Dark Phoenix emerges like a, well a phoenix, born from the very essence that is raw pinkness.
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