Florentia: The Pink Challenge

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Florentia: The Pink Challenge

Postby Bluejangles » 04 Jul 2012, 12:23

This was the winning entry for the Highland Warriors "Pink Challenge" Guild Competition that took place June 2012.

It all started one day in Mulgore, where it had just started raining and I had decided to pack up for the day, after being on one of my exotic fishing trips. As I made my way over to where I'd
parked my Turbo-Charged Flying Machine (/flex), I was stopped dead in my tracks...


...It was our missing paladins, Mazz, Nightmares and Hopegivah! And they had been transformed into tallstriders! They had disappeared some time ago, and everyone had just assumed that The Thumb had declared ownership of all pinks. I marched over to demand an explanation, but they did not acknowledge my prescence at all; they looked lost and confused. There was only one thing for it: I had to enslave tame them and make them remember who they are!

Before I began the taming process, I donned the pinkest armor I could in order to put them at ease, and as I suspected, it drew them toward me.

I laid us down a pink picnic basket, took a seat on Mazz's back and used my expertly honed skill in beast communication to find out just what happened! "Oh Flo, it was terrible!" Mazz cried. "The Zareageddon has begun, and he came for the paladins first! He polymorphed us into tallstriders and teleported us into the middle of this horde-infested place!"


Shocked and appalled, I whipped out my pink crossbow and we set out to find Zarelar and rain down a pink storm on his tiny ass!


"Don't worry guys, your home in my stables will only be temporary, I will force him to reverse the spell! ...Probably."

The pieces:

The shoulders and boots are from quests - both of which had a ridiculous amount of pre-quests :censored: The crossbow is from BWL, which I obtained recently on a solo through there. The Brigade set pieces are BoE's and were bought from the AH - while that may seem like minimal effort, these things have very low drop rates from random world mobs and appear on the AH very sporadically. Sometimes AH camping is just as painful as farming gear pieces!
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