Florentia: Summer 2012 Competion, The Rogue Hunter

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Florentia: Summer 2012 Competion, The Rogue Hunter

Post by Bluejangles » 04 Jul 2012, 12:51

This was the joint winner of the Highland Warriors "Summer 2012" Guild Mog Competition that took place between June and July 2012.

"The Rogue Hunter"
Transmog Set 2

Rogues. You can't live with 'em, and you can't live with 'em! The rivalry between the rogues and hunters of Highland Warriors is legendary, and for good reason - those rogues are no damn good! One fateful day my hunter bretheren and I descended upon the rogue town of Ravenholdt to hunt down their overlord, Tel the Smell, and his band of stinking scoundrels. We hunted out every single one of them, and after filling Tel full of lead and river dancing around his corpse, my celebrations were stopped cold by a hideous sight. "Nooooo...!" I wailed and sprinted down the hill to my fallen comrade, Vodkashooter. He wept as I held him in my arms, "Oh Flo... I cannae feel mah beard!" With great sadness, I told him what I'd seen - that descpicable rogue, Shadowfx, slicing off Vod's beard with his abomination's claws! "I will avenge ye!" I promised him, and set out to hunt down Shadowfx, and humiliate him just as he'd humiliated Vod! I had to be sneaky, sly and cunning - I had to become a rogue! I stripped Tel the Smell (while averting my gaze from the horror) and altered his dark clothes and mask to fit my far more attractive frame. Now I could easily avoid detection!

Next, I visited Hekate down at his pumpkin farm, and took one of his [Goo-filled Pumpkin]'s for later. I visited my stable and picked up my beloved black cat, Onyx and my Tiny Sporebat. (Sporebats are reknowned for doing things to rogues that will require them to sit on a rubber ring for a week. If you don't get the reference, watch this: http://youtu.be/WhvvNGeHHME!) Then, I used my hunter skills to track down Shadow to the Dalaran sewers; it became obvious why they smell so bad, if they like to hang around sewers all day! He was bragging to his rogue friends about what he'd done. It was time to strike!

Rogues are well-known for their extreme lack of perception, so it was easy to hide quite literally, in plain sight.

" 'Ave some of this!"



The Gear

Helm - Storm Helm. When I saw this helm in Mog It, I decided I really had to make a set based around it. I think it looks awesome! Unfortunately, I discovered it was a Blacksmith crafted item and the recipe was a very rare world drop from Outlands. After a look through the guild roster I was happy to see that the Devil himself (Zare, of course) could craft it \o/ The mats were absolutely awful to farm - I spent 3 to 4 hours on that Elemental terrace in Nagrand killing and waiting endlessly for the Air Elementals to respawn, and it seemed only 2 out of every 10 would even drop the motes! I was very lucky to get the mats I needed for the Hardened Adamanite Bars from FT, and the waters and Primal Nether weren't as much trouble as the Airs had been.

The 'Renegade' Pieces - 9866, 9871, 9864 and 9872. These are BoE greens. I really really hate camping the AH for BoE's, simply because sometimes they are just never there! The most favourable BoE greens, in my opinion, are the ones that also have a chance to drop from rare mobs, as well as just any old mob. I find it easier to camp the rare mobs, who usually spawn every couple hours if they are old-world mobs and just pray they drop the BoE I want. Luckily, the Renegade pieces have a chance to drop from the rare mobs in Western Plaguelands and Duskwallow March (probably other areas as well, these are the only places I had to visit though). To my surprise, I managed to get all of these pieces really quickly in the space of a few hours! I think I only had to kill 1 of the mobs more than once!

The Ebonhold Pieces - 8267 and 8268. I decided not to use the full Renegade set, as I wanted a couple pieces that were truly black coloured to help keep the set dark. I got lucky with these 2 pieces as they were on the AH \o/

Staff - 71466. There were not a lot of choices really, that would go with such a dark set. I already had this, and I just thought the colour and pattern on the staff went quite well and fit in nicely.

Shirt - 3427. I chose to wear this to cover up my shoulders - the Renegade chest piece has little gaps between the shoulder and elbow, and I wanted a uniform black look throughout.

Bow - 34529. A truly gorgeous bow. This is an old pvp item that just recently became obtainable again, after being removed from the game for quite some time. I absolutely had to pick one up. Did a few painful BG's for the Honour, and purchased from the vendor in Netherstorm.

Just a more stationary view of the set :D

Armory screenshot: